Automatic Wire Sequencing in AutoCAD Electrical

24 Feb, 2016 By: Elvis R. Sverko

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Manually creating a report to designate the exact sequence for connecting wires and pins takes extra time, which is always in short supply. Fortunately, AutoCAD Electrical software can perform these tasks automatically.

The first step is to see the current sequence that is automatically set by the software. To accomplish this, right-click on the wire in question, then select Wire Sequence > Show Wire Sequence.

Once this operation has started, a temporary visual indicator will appear over the existing drawn circuit indicating the first wire sequence.

As per the Command line, simply press the space bar on the keyboard to cycle to the next wire in the current sequence. Continue to press the space bar until all the wires in the sequence have been displayed, as shown in the steps below.

Now you have a nice visual of the wire sequence. However, it’s good to note that this visual is only temporary, and does not stay on the drawing, but will disappear as soon as you perform another task. The more permanent form of capturing this information is through a Wire From/To List report, as shown below.

1 2 3 

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