Book Review: AutoCAD 2005 for Beginners

17 Nov, 2005 By: Patrick Davis

A highly recommended choice for new users and trainers

Author: Joanne R. Ried
Publisher: CDA Publications, Lombard, Illinois (2004)
Pages: 680
Price: $75

Highly Recommended

AutoCAD 2005 for Beginners is an ideal text for new users trying to understand the core features of AutoCAD, or for those responsible for training new users.

The text is organized in 16 chapters: basic drawing, manipulating drawings, object snap, simple modify commands, relative coordinate entry, arcs polylines and break, advanced copy commands, advanced modify commands, block and insert, layout, text, dimensioning, hatch and three chapters on printing and plot styles. Because this is an introductory AutoCAD text, you won't find any coverage of 3D, customization or model/paper space.

The book is well organized and easy to follow. Topics covered flow in a good sequence and each lesson builds on the previous. Ried uses a step-by-step approach to introduce new tools, and each chapter includes built-in exercises and representative drawing problems. Ample examples and straight-forward explanations illustrate proper use of commands and features. Ried also points out common mistakes and provides methods to avoid them. Black-and-white as well as color illustrations and images supplement the text, and a CD is included that contains the sample drawing files.

This text should allow a new user to learn the fundamentals of AutoCAD in a short period of time with minimal assistance from an advanced user or instructor.

The book is available from

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