Bug Watch: July 2005

14 Jul, 2005 By: Steve Johnson Cadalyst

A comprehensive look at how well Autodesk is doing at fixing existing AutoCAD bugs in the new releases

Before we begin the hunting season on the plethora of new AutoCAD 2006 bugs, this month we look at how well Autodesk is doing at fixing the old ones. The Bug Watch columns available at date back to January 2003. Which of those bugs are fixed, and which remain?

First, let's take a look on the bright side of life. The following bugs were present in AutoCAD 2005, but they are fixed in AutoCAD 2006:

Blind Find 1 May 2003
Blind Find 2 May 2003
SDI = Slip-up, Defect, Imperfection December 2003
Lost in Base February 2004
Txt2mtxt Torture March 2004
What's the Buzz? May 2004
Space, No Line at Front Here June 2004
A Spell of Bother October 2004
Holy Color Calamity, Battman! November 2004
Table Trouble 1 November 2004
Table Trouble 2 November 2004
Perverted Revert March 2005
Xopen Doesn't April 2005

This next batch of bugs is partially fixed by AutoCAD 2006. Each bug is absent if you use the new MText editor. However, some people will want to avoid the new editor for good reasons, including bugs that I will discuss in the coming months. You can revert to the old editor by setting the MTexted system variable to OldEditor. If you do so, you will discover that the following bugs are still there:

Breaking a Non-breaking Space August 2003
Wrap Trap April 2004
Ruler Fooler April 2004
A Fine Mess September 2004
Another Fine Mess September 2004

The next bug is also partially fixed by AutoCAD 2006. In this case, AutoCAD now only makes life difficult on screen -- plots come out fine.

TrueType False Type March 2003

The following bugs were present in AutoCAD 2004, but they are fixed by AutoCAD 2005 (and 2006, with one exception):

Right Click, Wrong Response March 2003
Plot Style Stumble March 2003
Flipping Thing April 2003
Faulty Default May 2003
Return of the Scream Menu June 2003
Gray Area June 2003
Extension Exasperation June 2003
Left Just Ain't Right July 2003
Concentric Consternation July 2003
Frozen First Failure October 2003
Palette Palaver November 2003
Txtexp Torment 1 November 2003
Txtexp Torment 3 Decvember 2003
Color Conundrum January 2004
Accidental Attribute Appearance January 2004
Palette Peeves February 2004

Unfortunately, AutoCAD 2006 unfixes the Textexp Torment 1 bug that was fixed in 2005. It's actually worse now -- when you explode text in 2006, it is further out of position than before and at the wrong scale.

The following bugs were present in AutoCAD 2002, but are fixed by AutoCAD 2004, 2005 and 2006:

Dimstyle Dialog Distress January 2003
Layout of Order January 2003

So where does that leave us? The following 35 items are yet to be fixed:

Attribute Angle Affliction February 2003
Lock Shock February 2003
Spitting at Image April 2003
Childish Leaders Don't Want to Change April 2003
$7 Won't Buy You a Leader April 2003
Look at the Size of This OLE July 2003
eTransmit eTrouble August 2003
Devious Previous August 2003
Extents Elusion September 2003
Pointless Paper Pans September 2003
Txtexp Torment 2 November 2003
Txtexp Torment 4 March 2004
Qleader Quirk April 2004
Menu Mouse Move Mayhem April 2004
Txt2mtxt Torture too May 2004
Paper Space Zooms to Outer Space July 2004
Intersection Indiscretion August 2004
Open, Please Enter August 2004
Magic Spell October 2004
Wrong Spell Revisited October 2004
Holy Mirroring Mayhem, Battman! November 2004
Block Lock Shock November 2004
Still Active Bug is Still Active November 2004
My Leader is a Stick Head December 2004
Deleterious Delete December 2004
MPEdit Finds PEDITACCEPT Unacceptable December 2004
PEDITACCEPT Finds Sysvdlg Unacceptable December 2004
Renaming Profile Prevents Palette Proxy December 2004
Just a Fraction Out January 2005
Vexatious Viewports January 2005
Mysteries of the Pyramids February 2005
Not Exactly February 2005
Gradient Gripe February 2005
DBMOD, He Be Odd March 2005
Lost In Stupid Parentheses April 2005

Several of the above bugs date back to Release 13. Special mention should be made of the Menu Mouse Move Mayhem bug. This dates back to Release 14, but it is worse in AutoCAD 2006. In the interest of balance, I should also point out that the Renaming Profile Prevents Palette Proxy bug is rendered largely irrelevant due to the new Workspaces feature in 2006.

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