Change AutoCAD Text Justification without Changing the Location

23 Mar, 2015

Have you ever wanted to change the justification of a text or mtext object but didn’t want to change the location? The Express Tool Tjust comes to the rescue! Join Lynn Allen, Autodesk Evangelist, in this video tip as she shows you how to modify the text justification without modifying the text position.

Video Transcript

Hey there, this is Lynn Allen. Welcome to another AutoCAD tip, courtesy of Cadalyst magazine. Thank you so much for joining me. Hope you are enjoying some great weather wherever you are. Today we're going to talk about another Express Tool. You know how Express Tools are my very favorite.

This Express Tool comes in handy if you've ever wanted to modify the insertion point of text, but not physically move the text on the screen. For example, maybe you put it in and it was left-justified and you wish that it was centered. That type of deal. Maybe you are going to do some editing to it. Maybe you want to scale it relative to the center point and not relative to the start point where you placed the text to begin with. So this allows you to move the insertion point around on the text anywhere you want it to go without moving the text.

Let me show you what I'm talking about. If you take a look on the screen, this top one where it says "Conference Room A" -- that's mtext. If I click on it, you can see that the grip that shows up, which is the location for it, is on the top left. So that's the justification I used when I put that text on the screen. If I come down here and click on this one, you'll see that I used the start point -- and that's just regular individual text by the way, so I used Dtext to get that on the screen. Let's start with that one.

If I come over here to Properties, and I come down here to Justify, and I decide I want to change the insertion point to Center. Oh, great, so now it moved on the screen. That's not what I wanted. If I come up here, and I take a look at the Ribbon, which changes as you know, takes me back into the Mtext Editor. I decide I want that to be centered, you'll see it moves it just a little bit, doesn't it? If I were to right-justify it, it moves some more. So it's moving the location of the text while it's changing the justification. So I don't want that either. Let me just get out of here. Let's undo that, and undo that. Everything should be back the way it was to begin with. Just to verify that, we'll take a look at our grips. Grip there, and grip there. That's how the text was originally inserted.

We're going to use this cool Express Tool on the Express Tool tab on the Ribbon. It's kind of hiding. It's underneath Modify Text. Hopefully you've explored some of these cool options in here -- it's the last one for Justify. What I'm going to do -- I'm actually going to do them both. I'm going to select this guy here and this guy here -- even though they are two different types of text objects. I'm going say, "I really want these to be centered." Now watch. They did not move on my screen. They stayed put, but if I click on either one of these, you can see that the new justification point is right in the center. That's exactly what I wanted. Then you can put it back where it was to begin with later when you are done modifying it or maybe just leave it the way it is. It's completely up to you.

So that's Tjust -- very cool command that allows you to modify the justification of any kind of text and text attributes -- you name it -- without actually moving the text. And that's a good thing. I hope that tip was helpful to you. Give it a try. And I'm going to see you back here in two more weeks. Thank you so much for joining me.

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Re: Change AutoCAD Text Justification without Changing...
by: DaveS
June 23, 2015 - 9:36am
I just tried this in Civil3D-2014 with no success. The multi-line mtext was TL justified with overly-wide width and I wanted the MC insert point for the actual displayed mtext location. Tjust.lsp moved most of the mtext to the lower left corner and set the MC location there. The change properties dialogue box is working better for me though not flawless either.

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