Create Cross-Referenced Hyperlinks in AutoCAD Electrical

30 Aug, 2015 By: Alex Karan

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Learn how to create PDF files with cross-referenced hyperlinks.

Editor's note: This tutorial courtesy of IMAGINiT Technologies.

AutoCAD Electrical 2015 and 2016 allow you to publish to Adobe PDF file format with cross-referenced hyperlinks. This function works very similar to AutoCAD Printing. The created PDF file will have hyperlinks between:

  • Source and destinations signals,
  • Parent and Children symbols, and
  • Schematic and Panel Layout components.

To begin, create your Page setup dependent on if you use Layouts or only model space. These settings will be used during PDF Publish procedure.

Fig. 1

Once your Electrical project is ready to be published to PDF, select Publish to PDF in AutoCAD Electrical Project Manager.

Fig. 2

Select project drawings that you would like to Publish or Do All to select all project drawings.

Fig. 3

AutoCAD Electrical supports ONLY single Layout environment, so if you are using the Layout environment, select First Layout tab. If you are using Model Space, then select Model tab for printing.

Fig. 4

Next, in the AutoCAD Electrical Publish to PDF dialog box, select Multi-sheet files, otherwise, it will print every drawing as a separate PDF file and Hyperlinks will not be enabled/possible.

Assign appropriate page setup or Import Page setup from the Template drawing.

Fig. 5

1 2 

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