Create Speedy AutoCAD Paper Space Viewports — the Right Way

11 Jun, 2017

You’ve finished your model, and now you’re ready to print. You just need to set up your paper space layouts with your title block, and viewports to scale. Join Lynn Allen as she shows you the speedy (and correct) route to create viewports, along with a tip or two for those of you who are old pros!

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Re: Create Speedy AutoCAD Paper Space Viewports — th...
by: Dia
June 20, 2017 - 6:10pm
can you do one session or attach a link on how to use advance viewport, layers, plot, etc. on/off on each tab of layout, such as one tab for storm sewer design any changes on this sheet (tab/Layout) and update to this sheet will be reflected on the model but it will show only on the storm sewer sheet (tab/layout)