Inventor In-Depth: Autodesk Inventor Community Shares Ideas andResources

8 May, 2006 By: Kevin Schneider

Join the Autodesk Inventor community and discover great resources to help you.

Ever wonder what other Autodesk Inventor users do? Wish you could find the same kind of community and camaraderie among Autodesk Inventor users as you found in your AutoCAD user group?

The good news is that you have plenty of ways to get involved with the community of Autodesk Inventor users and find invaluable resources, help and contacts all relating to your favorite design tool.

In fact, Autodesk Inventor user groups are experiencing exponential growth. More than 700 people attended a recent user group meeting in Italy, and 500 attended a user group meeting in Korea. Dozens of user groups with hundreds of participants are established all across the United States and many more places around the world. To learn more about user groups in your area, contact your reseller or visit AUGI (Autodesk User Group International).

Figure 1. AUGI provides a host of resources.

If you are not a member, choose the option to browse the AUGI site and then navigate to the LUG (local user group) pages (figure 2). From there, you can search by country and state to find a group near you.

Figure 2. Check the AUGI site for an Autodesk Inventor user group near you.

A local group will connect you to users in your own area with whom you can form professional relationships and even personal friendships. You'll also find your fellow Autodesk Inventor users a great resource for tips, models and all things related.

To add to the strength of AUGI members' expertise and insights, Autodesk has put the best online resources in one central place at the new Manufacturing Community portal.

Figure 3. The new Autodesk Manufacturing Community site brings you users' insights, online.

Some of the resources you'll find at the Manufacturing Community site include

  • Blogs to help you stay abreast of manufacturing buzz that matters.
  • User tips and tricks that give you access to industry brainpower, including a library of user-submitted tips and links to other productivity resources.
  • 3D content from users, including reusable components and links to third-party component suppliers to help you save time and effort.
  • Networking tools to help you find other members, view their profiles, exchange messages and form your own professional network.
  • Local events -- including user group meetings, reseller events, seminars and workshops, training on industry-specific tools and much more -- to help you stay connected and get ahead of the technology curve.

A huge community of active, passionate Autodesk Inventor users is out there and very eager to help each other out. Encourage your co-workers and friends to participate in the online discussion forums, visit the new Autodesk Manufacturing Community portal, read the blogs and attend local user group meetings. And don't stop thinking of innovative ideas to get users in your area connected with each other!

About the Author: Kevin Schneider

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