Mechanical Applications for AutoCAD Electrical

22 May, 2013 By: Stan Wile

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Make use of all the tools in Autodesk Product Design Suite.

Easily Customizable Block/Icon Menu

The default Icon Menu can be easily customized as a simple block insertion menu. This menu is filled with Electrical symbols.

It supports submenus and can scale blocks on insert. It is also very easy to modify.

Simply specify a PNG image as the icon, then browse to the desired block drawing file.

Batch Block Update

AutoCAD Electrical has a command that is used for modifying an entire symbol library. There are a number of features that could be used in manufacturing; maybe a bunch of fastener blocks are metric and you wish to scale them down, or you need to run a LISP on every block to add some needed attributes. This symbol library update tool can also change all attributes to a new text height or style.

This utility has you select a folder, then processes all the drawings in that folder at once.

Batch Language Conversion

Many standard electrical phrases are included in this database, and it is quite easy to modify.

All block text and attributes can then be converted projectwide. After the utility completes, it displays a list of all text that was not swapped.

That's Not All

There are a number of other features that I can see uses for in the mechanical world. How about a projectwide table of contents, or attribute templates for consistent-looking blocks? Did I mention the P&ID, hydraulic, and pneumatic symbols that are included? I could go on and on.

There is a ton of power lying dormant, waiting on a chance to ease your workload. Give AutoCAD Electrical a try.

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