Autodesk Previews New Navigation Tool for AutoCAD

16 Sep, 2008

Tool allows users to switch between active drawings.

Autodesk announced yesterday the availability of its new Navigation Tool preview, available free for download. The tool allows users to switch between active drawings, and alternate between multiple layouts and viewports through browser-style options. It is also designed to operate with AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD 2009, as well as the vertical solutions based on these platforms.

Autodesk designed this utility to support the many AutoCAD users who need to manage multiple, open-drawing views and files at one time. The Navigation Tool provides architects, drafters, designers, and engineers with simple commands to navigate back and forth between open files. The display history automatically tracks any active drawing switches, layout changes, and view changes the user has made during the AutoCAD session, and stores them in a history list.

Autodesk is now offering a free download of the Navigation Tool for AutoCAD on its Web site.