Nudge Your AutoCAD Objects into Place

10 Nov, 2014

Have you ever needed to just nudge an AutoCAD object into its proper place? In this video presented by Cadalyst, Autodesk Evangelist Lynn Allen demonstrates this top-secret tip for moving objects on the screen without going into a single AutoCAD command. Save those precious keystrokes for another task, because you won't need many of them here!

Video Transcript

Hello there, this is Lynn Allen. Welcome to another AutoCAD tip, courtesy of Cadalyst magazine. Today I come to you from Sydney, Australia, where I've been fortunate enough to participate in the Autodesk University Extension. Today, we're going to talk about kind of an obscure feature inside of AutoCAD that very few people know about. But you are going to find out about it. That is the Nudge feature inside of AutoCAD. That's right. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink... for those of you who are cool with that.

So the Nudge feature allows you to objects on the screen without using your mouse at all, just by using your arrow keys without having to go into any command at all. Let me show you what I mean. So taking a look at this screen, you can see that a couple of these poly arcs are definitely not in the right location. So I'm going to select them.

Now, I could go into the Move command and a bunch of different ways I can actually use grips to move these objects. But I'm going to hold down my Control key, and I'm going to use my arrow key to move them around.

You are probably saying to yourself, "What distance is it moving those two poly arcs?" The distance, which is kind of interesting, is two pixels. Not exactly a form of measure that we are used to working with, right? Two pixels on your screen can be different than mine, depending on the resolution, and so on and so forth. So, you probably don't want to use it just like this with no control. Unless you just trying to move something around that doesn't need to be precise. In some cases like text, or something like that. So it's easy, it's fast, it's efficient.

But if you go into the Snap command, and you have the snaps set to something that makes sense in your drawing file. I'm going to change the snap -- I'm going to change it to like 10, for example, and then make sure it's on, of course. You can do that any way you want to. Now let's try it again. Let's go ahead and grab those two poly arcs again. That guy, and that guy. Alright now, I hold down my Control key, and I use the arrow keys, you can see now it's dramatically moving more than it did before. It's following the snap, and I have a little more control over it.

So if I'm moving objects around, then I don't know if I'm going to go to all this trouble -- objects that need to be in a specific location. If I'm moving something around like text or something that is where you are really more eyeballing it on the screen, do this. It's fast, it's efficient, it's easy, it's very low stress. Especially when you just need to nudge something a little bit. And we've all been there, right?

Thank you for joining me. I hope you find this Nudge tip a little bit helpful, and I hope to see you back here in two more weeks. Thank you for joining me.

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Re: Nudge Your AutoCAD Objects into Place
by: John damman
November 29, 2016 - 1:48pm
Is there a way to make "nudge" work for specific points, i.e. endpoints or specific grips? I couldn't get it to do so.

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