Search and Rescue for AutoCAD Xrefs

12 Aug, 2018 By: Lynn Allen

Is there anything worse than broken xref links in AutoCAD? They can take hours to correct, depending on the extent of the path damage. Join AutoCAD tipster Lynn Allen to learn some amazing shortcuts to finding and repairing broken links that will save you loads of valuable time! (Applicable to AutoCAD 2018 or higher.)

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Re: Search and Rescue for AutoCAD Xrefs
by: Adam S
August 14, 2018 - 11:42pm
Looks v similar to Reference Manager, except 2018 opens the 'find and replace' dialogue on the fly. Bonus! Also, 'Attach' instead of 'Overlay'? Ugh... come on Lynn, you should know better than that! Nested/circular referencing problems, and all that...