Still Looking at 3D in AutoCAD

27 May, 2015 By: Bill Fane

Learning Curve tutorial: Use the ViewProj and ViewSection commands to create 2D views of your models.

Cute, except that the cutting line is in the wrong location. It should pass through the two smaller holes.

No problem. Simply use grip editing to move it, and watch in shock and awe as the section view updates almost instantly, as shown below.

Move the cutting line, and the view updates automatically.

Now that’s magic!

A section line created by ViewSection has several other interesting characteristics:

  1. It is a line like any other, so that object snaps and object tracking are available when placing or modifying it. For example, when locating the section line in the figure above, I actually used object tracking from the center of one of the holes in the top view, which isn’t visible in either image but is lurking there off the top of the figures.
  2. Deleting a section line also deletes any child views derived from it, and vice versa.
  3. The section view shows exactly what’s between the arrowheads, as shown below, and ignores anything outside of them. Note the missing portion of Section A-A. (Hey, I promised you topless pictures.)

Now it's topless.

This can be useful when you want to show a section view of just a small portion of a part, such as the spoke of a wheel.

A partial section.

  1. ViewSection can also produce aligned sections. Here we can see how it has rotated the lower-left spoke so that it’s shown in full section.

An aligned section.

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Re: Still Looking at 3D in AutoCAD
by: neaton
June 9, 2015 - 8:39am
We don't use a lot of layers but would like to have more than 2 options for our drawings. Are 2 layers too few for others, also?
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