Text Tips for AutoCAD 2015

13 Nov, 2014 By: Lynn Allen

Circles and Lines: New features in the mtext editor make formatting faster and easier.

The same is true for bullets. If you start a line with any character followed by a space or a tab, AutoCAD assumes you want to create a bulleted list. This allows you to be very creative with your bullets! Note: Allow Auto Bullets and Numbering must be turned on in order to use this great feature.

Figure 3. Turn on Allow Auto Bullets and Numbering to activate new features.
Turn on Allow Auto Bullets and Numbering to activate new features.

AutoCAD 2015 also has an easy-to-use Autostacking function. Whenever you type in a number followed by a forward slash and another number, the mtext editor assumes you want to convert the text to a fraction. The lightning bolt icon again provides additional options, such as switching from diagonal to horizontal and unstacking the numbers (which comes in handy if your original intention was to enter a calendar date).

How many times have you accidentally had your Caps Lock on when you've been in mtext? The new, smarter editor notices if you have Caps Lock on while you're pushing the Shift key. It then switches the case and turns off your Caps Lock, saving you a little time — and frustration!

Highlight any text and use the new Subscript and Superscript tools in the mtext editor, which are available anywhere you use mtext (such as tables, leaders, and dimensions). Do you fully understand all the markers in the ruler bar in mtext? Finally, some friendly tooltips have been added to help you find your way!

One final, much appreciated addition to the mtext editor: Match Properties is now included in the mtext ribbon, making it quick and easy to match sections of text that have similar properties.

New TextAlign Command

The new TextAlign command makes it easy to line up single or multiline text objects (along with attribute text). It's really just as simple as selecting the text strings you wish to align, then picking the text you want to align them with (or two points of an alignment line).

You can choose to align the text using all the usual justifications (such as left, center, or right). You can also indicate a variety of options for spacing, such as distributing objects evenly or using a specific distance for spacing.

Figure 4. Select Options for great control of the TextAlign results.
Select Options for great control of the TextAlign results.

Because nearly all of our drawings contain text, it's great when Autodesk improves the text features in AutoCAD. Give these a try and save some time and tedium in your drawing files! Until next time, happy AutoCAD-ing!

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