Useful, Yet Lesser-Known Features of AutoCAD Electrical

30 Jul, 2017 By: Elvis R. Sverko

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Learn about commands related to displaying wire color and gauge labels, wire number placement, and more.


Wire Number Placement

Placement of the wire number on a schematic is critical, as it provides important information directly on the schematic, but it should also be done in a way that makes the drawing neat, clean, and legible. Here are a few tools to help with that task.

The Project Properties, and thus the Drawing Properties, provides a default way for the software to consistently place wire numbers on the schematic. In these Properties dialog boxes, on the Wire Numbers tab, in the New Wire Number Placement section, the user can determine the default properties for the wire number placement. These settings are a fundamental tool in AutoCAD Electrical, and every user probably already knows how to modify it to their needs.

But after the wire numbers are placed, there are some tools to help clean up or simply override and modify any individual wire number after placement. (Hopefully, you’re familiar with the Scoot tool, so we won’t go there. We also will not go looking into the specific settings in the Project and Drawing Properties dialog boxes.)

To alter the position of the wire number, there are two commands that can help with that modification. To toggle between either above or below the wire number, you can use the Flip Wire Number command found on the Schematic tab, Edit Wires/Wire Numbers panel as shown below.

To switch from either above or below the wire number to an in-line number, use the Toggle Wire Number In-line command. This command will also switch an in-line wire number back to an above wire number. You can find this command also on the Schematic tab, Edit Wires/Wire Numbers panel, as shown below.

These two commands can be used to switch wire numbers from some of the below example locations to the other ones.

You can change it from:

to change it to:

or change it to:

and finally, change it back to the initial position.

1 2 3 

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