Useful, Yet Lesser-Known Features of AutoCAD Electrical

30 Jul, 2017 By: Elvis R. Sverko

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Learn about commands related to displaying wire color and gauge labels, wire number placement, and more.


Swap Wire Numbers

One final issue I see many users encounter is that after they’ve placed wire numbers on a schematic, they continue to modify the schematic, which invariably modifies wire numbers by either removing or adding wires and thus changing the clean orderly numbering of those wire numbers. When it’s a drastic amount of changes, most users will rerun the Wire Numbers command over the entire project. That is a great method; it just may take time to run it (setup dependent).

But when you only have a single pair of wires that you wish to simply swap, there is a perfect command just for that function. It is the Swap Wire Numbers command. It simply swaps the wire number of two wires that you select (you can also select the wire numbers themselves.) This command is found on the Schematic tab, Edit Wires/Wire Numbers panel, as shown below.

As an example, the Swap Wire Numbers command can swap wire numbers 159 and 159A, as shown below.

It can change from:

to be changed to:

These commands are just a few useful, yet lesser-known commands in AutoCAD Electrical. I hope you will find them to be useful many times during your schematic design.

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