Business Advantage CAD Trends Survey Results

14 Apr, 2015 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Keep abreast of new software and hardware technologies being used by other CAD professionals.

Since CAD managers are responsible for reporting technology trends to their senior management teams, it always pays to have good statistical information on hand with which to do so. One such source is the Business Advantage Group's 2015 Worldwide CAD Trends Survey.

In this report a wide range of technology trends that affect CAD users (such as building information modeling (BIM), product lifecycle management (PLM), 3D printing, and cloud-based computing) are ranked in terms of market awareness and actual adoption. In essence, this report shows the disparity between marketing hype — which often inflates or exaggerates rates of adoption — and reality.

Image courtesy of the Business Advantage Group.

I examine the implications of some of these trends in a related CAD Manager column, "Despite Marketing Hype, CAD Users Adopt New Technologies Cautiously." No matter what type of CAD tools you use or what industry you're in, there is a wealth of useful research in this report.

The publicly accessible, high-level report can be downloaded here, and you can view a recorded webinar here. I hope you find the report as interesting as I do.

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