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IMAGINiT Launches Health Check for Civil 3D Firms

19 Jun, 2013 By: Cadalyst Staff

New service examines current workflows and recommends a path to increased productivity.

When your vehicle begins to wheeze and chug, you take it to a mechanic. And when your body does so, you get yourself to a doctor. But where do you turn when your CAD productivity is not up to snuff? Last week, IMAGINiT Technologies introduced a service designed just for that purpose: Civil 3D Health Check. IMAGINiT experts examine an organization’s processes using AutoCAD Civil 3D and recommend a path to collaborative workgroup productivity.

“IMAGINiT’s global team of experts not only understand the mechanics of the software, but more importantly the workflow, training, and customizations that can be done with AutoCAD Civil 3D,” said Bill Zavadil, senior vice-president of worldwide services, IMAGINiT Technologies. “With the sole objective being enhanced team productivity, our Health Check service is used to quickly and effectively evaluate an organization’s current working environment and their utilization of Civil 3D. This analysis generates an actionable report outlining what our customers can do to take technology, processes, and profitability to the next level.”

Road to Civil 3D Health

Firms often implement Civil 3D to win a bid, leaving users to scramble to learn the tool while working on a billable project. Such firms may be using old processes and workflows that beg to be streamlined. In many cases, firms know that they could be doing things more efficiently and effectively but they simply don’t know where or how to start. IMAGINiT’s experts help to identify the symptoms and recommend solutions.

A video from IMAGINiT Technologies helps users identify symptoms of poor Civil 3D health.

During a Civil 3D Health Check, three fundamental areas are analyzed:

  • People. Individual team members are interviewed to assess their understanding of Civil 3D and existing skills. This identifies specific areas where skill levels can be improved through training. Results of this analysis are measurable and can demonstrate an actual return on investment for personnel investments.
  • Process. Data sharing, project workflows, and data management are examined to determine strengths and areas of weakness. By looking at how project data flows through the complete life of the project, this analysis ensures data stability is maximized and data duplication is minimized.
  • Technology. The Health Check team also uses a qualitative review to evaluate CAD standards, styles, and settings, including current utilization of the software against industry best practices. Reviewing key questions, such as whether required styles exist and how they are built, identifies areas where templates can be improved or customized to positively impact workflows.

After assessment and analysis, the IMAGINiT Health Check team generates a report with a list of the top items that organizations can improve upon immediately, as well as additional prioritized actions focused on the longer term. This allows teams within companies using Civil 3D to explore design options more easily and efficiently, analyze project performance, and deliver consistent, higher quality information. With more efficient processes and streamlined workflows, collaboration is increased, and projects are completed faster with less billable time and fewer project overruns.

Real-World Success

IMAGINiT, a provider of Autodesk software, training, and consultancy services, reports that this new service has been deployed successfully with several customers in the United States and Canada, from small to very large organizations. In one instance, the company worked with a civil engineering and surveying firm that has 30 employees spread over multiple locations in the Midwest. The customer implemented Civil 3D on its own but felt it wasn’t recognizing the full potential of the software. That’s when it called on IMAGINiT and the Civil 3D Health Check.

Completing its analysis, IMAGINiT determined that users were not sufficiently versed in the use of Civil 3D as it pertained to their specific work and that the firm had developed workflows based on incomplete knowledge of the software — all of which translated into production inefficiencies, budgeting overruns, and missed deadlines. The Civil 3D Health Check also revealed that the firm’s new CAD standards were insufficient, requiring regular, unnecessary rework of styles and settings.

The organization opted to reimplement the software with the help of IMAGINiT TakeAIM, a holistic implementation solution that identifies the key aspects of design styles and settings needed to create an organizational-compliant set of standards. Finally, IMAGINiT will help define more efficient workflow processes and product training that will allow the firm to better utilize its design technology to increase productivity and profitability.

Availability and Pricing

Civil 3D Health Check is available now. Pricing depends on the number of users and locations as well as the required level of testing and environment analysis, but typically starts at approximately $6,000. For more information and to determine if this service will benefit your organization, contact the nearest IMAGINiT location.

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