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Xometry, ProvenCut Team Up to Address Machining Needs

4 Oct, 2019 By: Cadalyst Staff

The materials supplier and the provider of CNC machining recipes partner to cross-promote their products and services.

Xometry Supplies has formed a strategic partnership with ProvenCut, an online platform that provides proven cutting recipes to machinists. Launched in January, Xometry Supplies is the materials and tooling division of Xometry, an on-demand marketplace for custom parts. ProvenCut provides information about successful speeds and feeds for various CNC machines, cutting conditions, material types, and more.

As a result of the partnership, Xometry Supplies’ materials and tools will be recommended for use in — and available for purchase through — ProvenCut recipes. Xometry, in turn, will promote ProvenCut’s offerings on the Xometry Supplies site.

The ProvenCut platform provides CNC machining recipes that have undergone real-world testing, the company reports. ProvenCut users can search for recipes by the type of CNC machine, cutting tool, raw material, computer-aided machining (CAM) strategy, and more. ProvenCut recipes help machinists by maximizing process reliability and demonstrating the performance of the machine tool and cutting tool. According to Xometry Supplies, the partnership will enable customers to make informed purchase decisions based on ProvenCut’s extensive information, which includes video of each recipe and tool.

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