Graphisoft’s Archicad 25 Released!

14 Jul, 2021 By: Lara Sheridan

New version of Graphisoft’s well-known BIM design program continues company’s focus on collaboration and design improvements.

Last week, Graphisoft released Archicad 25, the latest version of its object-oriented 3D BIM-based software for the Mac and PC. After a tough year for everyone due to the pandemic, Archicad explained that the company had one of its best years ever. How did they do it? They attest their success to the company responding quickly to users’ needs and introducing free emergency licenses to users who had difficulties accessing Archicad at home. With this, users had an immediate work around and could still meet deadlines. In addition, Graphisoft offered free access to BIMcloud as a Service, its remote team collaboration solution. Huw Roberts, Graphisoft CEO, said, “With 2020 having been our best year ever, we have high aspirations and expectations for 2021 and beyond.” Currently, Archicad is offered in 28 language localized versions, with users in more than 100 countries.

In its press event, Graphisoft’s CEO Huw Roberts also discussed its close relationships with Epic Games’ TwinMotion with a direct Unreal data-smith link that accelerates 3D design and visualization workflows in architectural design. This year also NVIDIA announced its NVIDIA Omniverse Archicad Connector Plug in Toolkit for Archicad users to send and live-sink their models to the Omniverse nucleus live server. This not only gives Archicad users access to Omniverse rendering tools, it also gives users the ability to open, edit, and sync with any Omniverse applications.


Graphisoft’s Archicad 25 Released

The transformation of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts by cox graae + spack architects is Graphisoft’s Signature Building, helping to introduce Archicad 25. Image credit: LBA Joint Venture Photo © Chris Ambridge.


Signature Building

With each release, Graphisoft picks a customer’s design to emulate what is possible with its software — this time helping to introduce this new version is cox graae + spack architect’s Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Located in Washington, DC, cox graae + spack architects transformed the aging historical national landmark using Archicad. Derek Banocy, AIA, Associate Principal, states “In an ever-changing world, cox graae + spack architects recognize it’s critical to utilize innovative technologies that enhance our ability to communicate seamlessly with our clients, our consultants, and our project builders as well as the sub-contractor and fabricator communities. From IFC file exchange for consultant coordination to 3D design of complex geometries, Archicad was essential to the entire team to deliver the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Put simply, it would have been impossible to visualize, design, and construct this innovative design without the collaborative team process ingrained in our office culture.” Watch this video to see how Archicad helped make this project possible.


What’s New in 25?

Twenty-five releases in, you know that Archicad is a mature product, giving users the confidence that the company knows what they need to get their work done. The company encourages users to send in product update requests and prides itself on listening and updating tools based largely on user input. Collaboration continues to be a top goal for Archicad. The product supports more than 40 export and import formats, including the usual DWG and PDF, but also includes Open BIM formats IFC and BCF. Users who work with engineers using Revit, will appreciate increased interoperability with Revit and Revit MEP 2021, and more.

This version now includes the new Archicad-Solibri Connection add-on. Solibri, also a Nemetschek company, and is a code- and constructability checking application. It offers BIM coordination to find design issues early on, ability to coordinate and communicate data, plus simplify and automate quality control processes.


Graphisoft’s Archicad 25 Released

Structural analysis tools are improved.


Archicad 25 offers structural analytical model improvements, including generation rules to help structural engineers with analysis. New tools include improvements to Offset Adjustments and Connection Range, eliminating overlapping parts in 2D members, and streamlined structural supports. When exporting structural elements as part of SAF-based data exchange, Archicad 25 now automatically maps them to manufactured profiles, based on a predefined or customized database.


Graphisoft’s Archicad 25 Released

Archicad 25 makes it easy to switch between 2D and 3D design.


Residential designers will be pleased with Archicad 25’s increased ease of switching between 2D and 3D views while designing. Users can select an element and open it in either view, moving back and forth. The stair tools have also been improved. Users can still utilize the Along Arc geometry method for stairs. The new Along Chord stair construction geometry method lets users define the length of the walking-lines of stairs that comply with specific local standards.  Now, there is a new stair winder option available called Turning Point – Asymmetric Going. Users define and edit custom stairs that follow your design intent quickly and easily. In addition, with the new Stair Landing control, the extra landing length can be automatically distributed equally from the landing start or from the landing end, especially helpful when remodelling an existing staircase.

In the visualization department, Archicad continues to please. New tools offering realistic soft-shadows and textures offer detail to really show off your design.


BIMx and BIMcloud

With this release of Archicad, Graphisoft has also updated BIMx and BIMcloud to work more efficiently, especially together. BIMcloud now has a new 100,000 file capacity and is open so users can host all their project files in one spot. In addition, the BIMx desktop viewer opens all 2D and 3D files, with access from the BIMcloud desktop app. Plus, the new 3D BIMx engine is now available for Android.

What are they? BIMx is a presentation and coordination app that allows all usere and stakeholders to navigate building models. Users can perform real-time model cut-throughs, in-context measuring and project markups in the model. Add in BIMcloud where you can securely keep projects so that all users have direct access to the projects. BIMcloud can be set up on private or public cloud configurations, giving all users the ability to take advantage of the technology.


Graphisoft Moves Forward

Graphisoft continues to focus on building stronger user-service relationships by launching Graphisoft Forward, its global Software Service Agreement. With Graphisoft Forward, users will have early access to downloads and free product updates so that they have the latest tools available to them, plus a variety of features. Probably the most helpful are the personal technical support that users can take advantage of and the free 10GB of private space on the BIMx model transfer site for design sharing.


Archicad 25 Released

Building Together 21 Online Conference, September 14-16, 2021.


What’s Next?

This autumn, September 14–16, is Graphisoft’s Building Together 21 Conference. This online conference will cover a range of topics, from sustainability to the future of architecture, from integrated design to Building Lifecycle Intelligence. More than 30 leading architects and experts from around the world will participate in the form of roundtables, keynotes, and “TED Talk” presentations.

“Topics like diversity in architecture, rapid rehousing, the future of cities, the changing role of architects, and the challenges of cultural heritage preservation will also be covered. Architects, experts, and students from around the world are all invited.” said Huw Roberts, Graphisoft CEO. For more information and to register for the Building Together 2021 conference, visit

Visit Graphisoft Archicad 25 for more information.




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