Create Custom Autodesk Inventor Part Templates

27 Mar, 2013 By: Rusty Belcher

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Instead of starting from scratch whenever you need a common part, save yourself some modeling time with custom templates.

Note that if you use a reference dimension on the adaptive feature, you can access it in the bill of materials or parts list. This will allow you to harvest things like the cut-length of steel shapes or the area of a sheet metal flat pattern.

iMates. Several constraints are required to locate most parts properly. You should include iMates on your custom part template for easy placement in an assembly. IMates are included in the Gusset template shown below.

Visible Sketches

If you know controlling dimensions need to be modified each time the custom template is used, you can leave the controlling sketches visible. Users can then double-click and modify the desired dimensions. Please make sure you turn off the visibility of the sketches when you are finished with the part; the gusset template shown here has the controlling sketches set to visible by default.

Controlling Points

If you want to simply drag a component to an approximate length, you can include a controlling point in the base sketch. In this modeling process the initial controlling sketch is never consumed by a feature. All dynamic features are projected from the controlling base sketch. The base sketch is left visible for easy access to the controlling point. When the user drags the controlling point to a new location, the model updates to suit.

For example, the ladder (1) and handrail (2) templates below have controlling points that allow users to modify the height and length, respectively. The custom NURB template (3) has several control points that allow users to mold the lofted feature like clay.

1 2 3 4 

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