Descriptors and Descriptions in Autodesk Factory Design Suite

29 Nov, 2013 By: Rusty Belcher

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Use a little iLogic to identify your assets — it's not as hard as you might think.

Each parameter that will be used to control the size and color of the tent is marked as Key in the Parameters dialog box. Key parameters are automatically published as controls for the final asset. It is also a good idea to mark these parameters for Export because they are often referenced in downstream processes like a parts list or bill of materials.

This image shows the Key and Export settings for the parameters.

The iLogic Rule that controls the color of the tent is a fairly simple piece of code. A multi-value text parameter is created displaying the different colors of the tent. Then an iLogic rule is created that sets the color of the model according to the value of the color parameter. The rule in the following image is built using the “Select Case” format. With any iLogic rule, it is important that all parameter and color names be entered precisely, including capitalization.

The iLogic Color rule for this example is shown here.

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