Descriptors and Descriptions in Autodesk Factory Design Suite

29 Nov, 2013 By: Rusty Belcher

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Use a little iLogic to identify your assets — it's not as hard as you might think.

Once the model parameters and iLogic rules are working as expected, it is time to begin converting the model to a factory asset. The first step will be to activate the Asset Builder located on the Environments tab. This environment allows you to specify a landing surface and connector points for the design. In this example, we also create asset variants that define the sizes of tents available. These sizes are set in units of feet because that is how the end users usually reference the tent sizes.

The Asset Variants allow users to establish standard sizes for the assets.

Now it is time to include the Descriptor. When you add the Descriptor you are prompted to select a piece of geometry to locate the Descriptor Node, then a heads-up dialog offers you the opportunity to enter any static text you desire. There is also an advanced option that automatically creates an iLogic Descriptor rule. In this example, we used the advanced option and built a rule that fills out the Descriptor with the Color, Length, Width, and Height parameter values for the tent. The following iLogic rule starts by establishing simple variables that are used to convert the Length, Width, and Height parameter values from inches to feet. Then the variables and Color parameter are used to set the value of the Descriptor and the values for the Description iProperty at the same time.

The iLogic code that sets the Descriptor and Description values is shown above.

The format of the above rule is fairly simple and can be mastered with a bit of practice. Here are some tips for new iLogic users:

  • Plain or Static text (known as a string) is enclosed by quotation marks; for example, “Tent”
  • Empty spaces between values (“ ”) are also considered a string.
  • Use the Ampersand (&) to add additional values to the string.
  • Parameter Names must be entered precisely including capitalization.
  • The Factory_Descriptor Parameter is automatically added to the Descriptor iLogic rule.
  • The iproperties value for Description can be found in the available snippets browser.

After the asset is published, it appears in the Factory Asset Browser. When the asset is placed into a layout, the parameter values for Length, Width, Height, and Color are available in the Factory Properties palette. In the following images, three versions of the rectangular tent are placed in a layout. The Descriptor for each tent reveals the desired parameter data and the component iProperty Description displays the same information.

The final image shows three different tents, with the Descriptors showing the desired parameter data alongside the iProperties for one of the tents with the Description filled out.

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