Generate an FEA Report in Inventor Professional 2014

29 Jun, 2013 By: Radu Stancescu

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Any Inventor user can create a finite element analysis (FEA) report by following these steps.

Editor's Note: This tutorial courtesy of IMAGINiT Technologies.

Generating a report of an analysis simulation shouldn't be a challenge for any Inventor user. I will be covering the following topics in this article: linear static analysis assumptions, legend settings, report formats, and publishing results as DWF, DWFX, and PDF documents.

Linear Static Analysis Assumptions

Before diving into the "report zone," there are some things we need to consider:

  • We are in the elastic zone where we assume the material fully recovers to its preloaded state when loads are removed; as a consequence, the simulation excludes post yielding, plastic and large deformation, large strains, the effects of orthotropic and anisotropic material behavior, and more.
  • The assumption applies to material linearity where stress–strain ratios are constant during the loading (no time variation).
  • Element compatibility and constitutive relationships are linear and the stiffness matrix does not change.
  • Equilibrium is satisfied in the un-deformed configuration.
  • Displacements are directly proportional to the loads; stress is directly proportional to strain.

Make sure that these underlying assumptions are valid for your model behavior; otherwise, the results could lead to irrelevant and incorrect design conclusions. In cases where your model operates outside the linear region, consider further investigation using simulation resources that can account for nonlinear behavior. Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2014 provides extensive capabilities for such needs.

Legend (Color Bar) Settings

The color bar displays the range of the results being shown. The color bar is posted in the graphics region and can be relocated within the graphics region by activating the Color Bar command. By default, it's displayed on the top/right side of the screen and could be changed anywhere you like.

Also you can change the maximum and minimum threshold settings to reorientate the colors and to more easily understand the results. A monochromatic or grayscale color bar is also available.

Report Formats

The command is easily accessible from the Stress Analysis tab or Report panel. The Report dialog box is divided into four sections: General, Properties, Simulations, and Format.

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