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30 Dec, 2013 By: Walt Jaquith

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Autodesk Inventor’s premier automation tool offers value for nonprogrammers too.

Editor's note: This tutorial courtesy of IMAGINiT Technologies.

iLogic is poised to revolutionize the way we work with Autodesk Inventor. Since many of the tools that accompany the package have uses aside from their application in design automation, this is true even for those users who have no knowledge of programming techniques. In this tutorial, I will present three hidden gems which were introduced to support iLogic, yet can be used independently, and require no code at all.

Create a Configured Copy Using Place iLogic Component

The Place iLogic Component command is used to add a configured copy of an iLogic component into an assembly. However, it also has a lot to offer when there are no iLogic rules in sight.

Inserting an assembly component using the iLogic option. Click image to enlarge.

Inserting a component using this option exposes the component’s parameters, allowing the user to make changes before the copy is placed. If Key parameters are checked, they are the only ones displayed for change. Component parameters can be mapped to assembly parameters, allowing the assembly to drive the configuration of the inserted component.

In this example, a unique bracket is created with its diameter mapped to the diameter of the tapered pole at elevation B1.Click image to enlarge.

An “-01” is added to the name of the new file(s), which are created in the parent assembly’s directory. If the inserted component is an assembly, any library or Content Center files are reused; otherwise, all components are copied.

The Insert iLogic Component functionality rounds out Inventor’s toolbox very nicely, fitting somewhere between the Save and Replace Component command and iPart functionality. The inserted version is an independent copy, rather than a linked family member. Given all this, the tool’s ability to handle iLogic rules could be considered icing on the cake.

Control Component Parameters Using Sliders in Forms

The ability to control assembly constraints in real time using a slider has long been a wish list item. We now have that and more, courtesy of iLogic’s form tools. Once again, no code is required to use this tool, making it available to any Inventor user. Additionally, the form object can control dimensional parameters as well as constraints. Finally, they’re exceptionally easy to create and use.

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