DgnQuickPick for MicroStation (First Look Review)

15 Apr, 2007 By: Ron LaFon

Highly recommended utility from Axiom provides access to multiple files without opening extra sessions.

Highly RecommendedLocated in Clearwater, Florida, Axiom is the world's most experienced developer of Bentley Systems' MicroStation-compatible software and the largest third-party software provider for MicroStation. It is also the only software company focused on creating time-saving and productivity-boosting utilities for MicroStation users. The company produces a wide array of utilities, one of which is the new release of DgnQuickPick for MicroStation.

DgnQuickPick works with MicroStation versions v7 (95, SE and J) and v8 to provide immediate access to multiple project design files in a single session of

DgnQuickPick for MicroStation
File-Access Utility
Pros: Easy to install and use; great productivity booster; moderately priced.
Cons: None significant.
Price: $99 (one-year license)


the parent application, without having to spend time opening multiple sessions of MicroStation. This simple and well-designed utility can save a lot of time and effort and also simplify procedures that otherwise consume much time and energy.

For CAD managers and others who need to work on multiple design files, DgnQuickPick greatly simplifies this process by assigning each file a tab on its toolbar and labeling it with the file's name. The design files don't need to be in one specific directory location, and files can be added or removed from the toolbar easily and at will.

The toolbar in Axiom's DgnQuickPick for MicroStation displays buttons for several useful features and tabs to open MicroStation files.

Users can choose files either by specific directory or by a common element, easily adding files through the toolbar, wherever they may be located. Help is always at hand, in case you need information about the selection process or any other element of DgnQuickPick.

Easily add access to files using the Add Tabs function.

If a MicroStation design file happens to be write-protected, you'll be provided with the opportunity to open a copy of the file.

Axiom's DgnQuickPick for MicroStation is priced at $99 for a one-year license. When used with other Axiom applications, DgnQuickPick appears as a choice on the top-level, drop-down Axiom menu, providing easy access. If you're a MicroStation user, you can download a trial version from Axiom's Web site. While you're there, you can get additional information about numerous other Axiom products that go a long way toward simplifying the lives of MicroStation users.

If, after using the demo version of DgnQuickPick for MicroStation, you elect to purchase it, you'll receive an executable utility from Axiom that generates a 12-digit ID code for your system. By returning this code and making payment arrangements, you'll be issued a license for whatever time period you specify. The process is very fast and easy.

A simple but extremely useful application for MicroStation, DgnQuickPick saves time, boosts productivity and is very easy to use and understand. Highly Recommended

Editors' Note: Axiom just released DgnQuickPick 2.0 for MicroStation v7 and 8.4 for MicroStation v8, and the user interface has been overhauled for increased usability. Some of the new features include a tree-style interface that lets users use the familiar tab-style interface, the new tree-style or both. The DgnQuickPick windows (Tab or Tree view) can be moved outside the MicroStation window, which previously was possible only in MicroStation XM. DgnQuickPick now has an option (on by default) to store your last-used file list and reload it the next time it runs. The 8.4 version for MicroStation v8 provides model support.

About the Author: Ron LaFon

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