New Cadalyst Guide Eases Transition from 2D CAD Software to 3D

19 Nov, 2017 By: Cadalyst Staff

White paper by Robert Green has advice for companies that are considering the switch, have completed it, or are only partway through.

Working in 3D can benefit CAD users in AEC and in manufacturing, but it’s challenging for any company that’s been working in 2D to switch over to 3D software. Whether you’ve already begun or you’re still considering your options, this guide by CAD management guru and industry expert Robert Green will help you draft a plan, gather resources, and manage expectations.

This eight-page white paper provides advice about:

  • Deciding whether 3D makes sense for your company
  • Choosing a trial project Selecting your test team
  • Training users to become productive with the new software — and more!

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Cadalyst Staff

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