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CAD at a Glance: 1982-2007 Timeline (Cadalyst's 25th Anniversary Celebration, Part 5 of 5)

31 May, 2008 By: David Weisberg

A timeline outlining many of the major events that have taken place in the world of CAD throughout the past quarter of a century.

Cadalyst -- 25 Years

JanuaryAutodesk formed as Marin Software Partners
MarchAutoCAD (then known as MicroCAD) shown at
Sixth West Coast Computer Faire

Auto-trol Technology demonstrates Series 7000
CAD software on Apollo workstation at NCGA

AprilMarin Software Partners incorporates as Autodesk

Applicon introduces DEC VAX-based systems

NovemberAutoCAD-80 shown at COMDEX

UGS demonstrates UniSolids at AUTOFACT

JanuaryT&W Systems introduces PC-based VersaCAD
736 Fastdraft
IBM begins shipping 736 Fastdraft system
JuneApplicon announces BRAVO!

MayComputervision demonstrates drafting software on Sun workstation at NCGA Conference
JuneAutodesk goes public

Keith Bentley begins selling MicroStation, then known as PsuedoStation, to Intergraph users

SeptemberComputervision introduces PC-based Personal Designer

 CADKEY introduces PC-based 3D CAD
Intergraph demonstrates new Plant Design System (PDS)
MayPTC founded
OctoberCalma introduces PC/AT-based DraftStation

JanuaryIBM introduces RT-PC and Profession CADAM
JuneAutoCAD v2.5 is released
NovemberAl Green becomes president and CEO of Autodesk
DecemberIntergraph ships Intergraph Engineering Modeling System (I/EMS)

JanuaryIntergraph acquires 50% interest in Bentley Systems and begins marketing PC version of MicroStation
SeptemberAutoCAD Release 9 is launched

SDRC initial public offering

Intergraph acquires Fairchild's Clipper microprocessor division

OctoberPrime Computer acquires Versacad
NovemberGeneral Motors selects UGS' Unigraphics software as the company's primary design system
DecemberPrime Computer initiates hostile takeover of Computervision

JanuaryPTC begins commercial shipments of Pro/ENGINEER
OctoberPrime Computer acquires Calma

AugustJ. H. Whitney acquires Prime Computer in leveraged buyout
NovemberIBM acquires CADAM from Lockheed

AugustFirst North American AutoCAD User Group meeting

Computervision Division of Prime Computer launches
NovemberDassault acquires CADAM software from IBM

EDS acquires UGS from McDonnell Douglas

Carol Bartz
Carol Bartz becomes chairman, president and CEO of Autodesk
JunePrime Computer goes public with Computervision name
NovemberDassault announces CATIA v4, which ships a year later

MarchSDRC launches I-DEAS Master Series
JuneEDS sells AEC portion of UGS, including GDS software, to private investors who rename group Graphic Data Systems Corporation
AugustPTC begins shipping Windows NT version of Pro/ENGINEER
SeptemberApplicon is acquired by Gores Enterprises
OctoberFirst Autodesk University held in San Francisco
AutoCAD LT is introduced

JanuarySolidWorks is formed as Winchester Design
MayIntergraph announces shift from UNIX workstations to PCs running Windows NT
NovemberAutoCAD Release 13 ships

JanuaryBentley begins distributing MicroStation independent of Intergraph
SolidWorks 95
SolidWorks 95 introduced at AUTOFACT

FebruaryAutodesk releases Mechanical Desktop
AprilIntergraph introduces Solid Edge
SeptemberHP establishes CoCreate as a wholly owned subsidiary
DecemberAutodesk announces acquisition of Softdesk

FebruarySDRC launches Windows NT-base I-DEAS Artisan Series
AutoCAD Release 14
AutoCAD Release 14 begins shipping
JuneDassault announces acquisition of SolidWorks
SeptemberFirst Autodesk Design World in Los Angeles
NovemberPTC completes acquisition of Computervision

Intergraph files 22-count lawsuit against Intel; other companies are later added to lawsuit

JanuaryIntergraph sells mechanical software products, including Solid Edge, to UGS

Bentley introduces ProjectWise, an information management system, formerly known as TeamMate

PTC acquires CADDS 5

FebruaryOpenDWG Alliance is formed
MarchDassault announces CATIA v5, which ships a year later
AugustAutodesk announces acquisition of Discreet Logic

AugustUGS acquires Applicon from Gores Enterprises
OctoberArchway Systems acquires rights to VersaCAD from PTC
NovemberAutodesk launches Inventor
Buzzsaw established by Autodesk as separate company

MayBentley acquires Intergraph's civil engineering software products
JulyDassault acquires Spatial Technology
SeptemberUGS acquires Engineering Animation

MayEDS announces acquisition of SDRC and plans to merge it with the company's UGS subsidiary

Autodesk acquires Revit

JanuaryBentley announces plans to acquire Infrasoft

MarchEDS sells UGS to group of private equity firms for $2.0 billion

JanuaryIntergraph settles lawsuits against Intel and other companies for a total of $768 million

JanuaryAutodesk acquires Alias
Carl Bass
Carl Bass becomes CEO of Autodesk

UGS acquired by Siemens
UGS is acquired by Siemens AG for $3.5 billion
DecemberPTC acquires CoCreate


About the Author: David Weisberg

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