Product Design

Autodesk Announces Direct Modeling Technology with Inventor Fusion

4 Feb, 2009

New technology unites parametric and direct modeling.

Autodesk yesterday unveiled its plans for Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology, the company's new digital prototyping technology that unites the power and control of parametric, history-based modeling with the ease of use and productivity advantages of direct, history-free modeling.

"Just as manufacturers need both 3D and 2D design tools, we believe manufacturers need the full power of both parametric, history-based modeling and direct modeling," said Andrew Anagnost, vice-president of CAD/CAE for Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions. "Customers shouldn't have to make a choice. Inventor Fusion Technology is a unique approach that enables the coexistence of both these modeling approaches within a single digital model."

Only Inventor Fusion Technology delivers bidirectional parametric and direct workflows, the company stated. This technology reportedly provides a powerful solution for companies that need to make rapid changes to a design through direct manipulation, but also have many years worth of feature- and history-based data and design intent that they need to access, use, and maintain. This advancement enables users to adopt the modeling approach that is most appropriate to the task at hand.

Using Inventor Fusion Technology, designers and engineers can explore what-if scenarios and make rapid design changes without the limitations of feature order, dependencies or the original 3D CAD system used to create the design.

The company reports that by removing unnecessary steps for users to capture and express their design ideas, Inventor Fusion Technology redefines ease of use. Context-sensitive, point-of-access tools present only what is needed right at the cursor, thus moving the user's attention from toolbars and dialog boxes and refocusing it on directly manipulating their digital prototypes, according to the company.

"Many companies are seeking to take advantage of direct modeling in certain situations," Anagnost said. "Meanwhile, parametric, history-based modeling continues to be relevant and important. Inventor Fusion Technology is an exciting new step in realizing the promise of digital prototyping, bringing a new level of ease of use and productivity gain to an even broader group of manufacturers."

Autodesk intends to offer a free download of Inventor Fusion Technology Preview on Autodesk Labs later this year.