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Edit Data with the Selection Manager

22 Feb, 2011 By: Russell Brook

On the Edge Solid Edge Tutorial: With this powerful function, you can reduce the amount of time you spend selecting geometry.

Editor's Note: This tutorial courtesy of Siemens PLM Software.

Like history modelers — and unlike explicit modelers — you are able to use features to select geometry in Solid Edge with synchronous technology. However, selecting features alone might not give you your intended results, especially with imported 3D models that don't have any features.

Selecting by geometric conditions speeds up selection time and enables working on imported data as if it were native Solid Edge. The Solid Edge Selection Manager is a powerful function that provides alternative ways to speed up selection and get the results you want.

An imported model ready for editing with synchronous technology in Solid Edge.

Selection Manager options are dependent on the type of geometry that is selected; for example, planar, radial, or cylindrical faces. Here, I'll use a planar example to show you how to access the function so you can apply it in your workflow.

Select a face to edit; after you do so, the Steering Wheel will appear.

Selecting a face on the model targets it for editing.

Move your cursor over the selected face, and you will notice a green dot with a plus sign appear.

Access the Selection Manager via the green dot that appears when moving your cursor over the selected face.

Clicking on the green dot enters the Selection Manager and changes its appearance to a red dot with a white triangle. Click the red dot to enter the Selection Manager menu.

The Selection Manager allows you to choose a variety of geometric conditions to include additional faces to edit.

You now have more options for geometry selection, so you don't have to select faces individually. For example, you can choose geometry that is parallel and aligned to your selection, as in this example. Other geometric conditions such as parallel, perpendicular, tangent, and more are also available to eliminate repetitive clicking to select individual faces and speed up geometry selection.

There are also some symmetry options about a plane; you can even use a range box to select or deselect an item you may have picked up by mistake.

Taking advantage of the Selection Manager will reduce the amount of time you spend selecting geometry, and shorten your learning curve, making your experience of Synchronous Technology more enjoyable.

To learn more tricks like these, visit or read more Cadalyst Solid Edge tutorials. Until next time, good luck using Solid Edge.

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