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Navigate the Design Window with View Manipulation Shortcuts

22 Jan, 2011 By: Russell Brook

On the Edge Solid Edge Tutorial: Try these mouse-and-keyboard command combinations to navigate around your 3D design without interrupting your workflow.

Editor's Note: This tutorial courtesy of Siemens PLM Software.

Using the dedicated view icons to pan, zoom, and spin your model around is one way to navigate your way around a 3D design, but if you're in the middle of a command they can interrupt your workflow. Solid Edge overcomes this limitation with highly efficient mouse-and-keyboard combinations that allow you to manipulate your view even in the middle of a command, or to rapidly change perspective.

Here are some examples:

  • If you have a wheel mouse, simply press the wheel and move your mouse.
  • If you don't have a wheel mouse, an alternative way to rotate is to hold down the Shift key and the right mouse button (RMB) and drag your cursor to rotate your view.
  • Holding down Ctrl + RMB initiates the zoom mode: move your mouse down to zoom to your initial cursor position, and move your mouse up to zoom away.
  • Holding down Ctrl + Shift + RMB while dragging your mouse allows you to quickly pan around your model.
  • If you think that's cool, try this to dramatically change your view perspective: Hold down Ctrl + Shift and roll your mouse wheel. This will rapidly move the vanishing point to give you a realistic view.

To create perspective views in Solid Edge, hold down Ctrl + Shift while rolling your mouse wheel.

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