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Save Printing Supplies with the Display as Printed Option

4 Jul, 2011 By: Russell Brook

On the Edge Solid Edge Tutorial: Save time, ink, and paper by checking your final level of detail on screen before you plot your drawing.

Editor's Note: This tutorial courtesy of Siemens PLM Software.

Creating CAD drawings allows you to show minute levels of detail; however, much of that detail can get lost when you print your drawing, because line thickness details can merge together. Being able to view your drawing before printing can save time, ink, and paper.

In Solid Edge, the "Display as printed" option allows you to see on screen what your drawing will look like after it's printed. Normally, as you work in Solid Edge 2D you can see that lines are different thicknesses depending on their type, but they rescale at each new zoom level. This is great when you are working, but
you have no idea what they will look like when they are printed.

To change this, open the Solid Edge Options dialog, go to the Applications button (step 1 in the image below), and choose Options (step 2 below). (Make sure you are in Solid Edge Draft, as the options are different for each Solid Edge environment.)

Check the "Display as printed" box under the View category, followed by Apply.


Immediately the view changes, but as you zoom in the lines do not rescale, just as though you were looking at a paper drawing through a magnifying glass.


To fine-tune how your drawing will look when printed, you can remove unnecessary detail, choose parts to display, change line styles, and more. Simply right-click on the drawing view to access the View Properties dialog box, and adjust the settings on the Display tab.


Next time you are wondering how much detail will show up when you plot, you can find out without having to print the drawing first.

To learn more tricks like these, visit or read more Cadalyst Solid Edge tutorials. Until next time, good luck using Solid Edge.


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