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Solid Edge University 2013, Part 1: Solid Edge ST6 Adds 1,300 User-Requested Features

26 Jun, 2013 By: Nancy Spurling Johnson

Announced this week at the annual user conference, the "greatest version ever" is said to increase performance sixfold on some tasks.

Surfacing. One of the most significant of those is what Newbury earlier termed “world-class surfacing,” which supports the developers new focus on the industrial design market. Surfacing is said to be 40% faster in ST6.

New built-in quality-analysis and visualization tools help users find and fix surfacing problems early and ensure that the design is right. Users can add shape to designs after creation or on imported models, and guide curves can be used with bounded surfaces to add shape when filling missing patches. New surface inspection tools show surface quality and continuity between adjacent surfaces, helping create ultrasmooth surfaces.

A new ruled surface in Solid Edge ST6 simplifies creating features that are easy to mold. Click image to enlarge.

This image shows how edits to the tangency control handles affect the surface as reported by the curvature combs. Users can adjust control handles or guide curves while monitoring the curvature combos to get the desired surface shape.Click image to enlarge.

Olivier Pellerin, IT Innovation Manager for Groupe SEB, the maker of Krups coffee machines, T-Fal, and Wearever cookware performed early beta testing of Solid Edge ST6. He stated in a press release, “Surfacing command enhancements in Solid Edge ST6 have enabled us to create some models 40% faster compared to other CAD systems. Faster is better, but the quality of models is essential for the manufacturing process, and the new inspection tools available in Solid Edge ST6 help us guarantee the inherent quality of the surfaces modeled.”

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