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Solid Edge University 2013, Part 1: Solid Edge ST6 Adds 1,300 User-Requested Features

26 Jun, 2013 By: Nancy Spurling Johnson

Announced this week at the annual user conference, the "greatest version ever" is said to increase performance sixfold on some tasks.

Learn and Collaborate

In addition to the new design and simulation capabilities, Solid Edge ST6 also provides new functionality to learn, share, and collaborate with other Solid Edge users. The new Solid Edge YouTube docking pane gives users the ability to record, upload and directly share a modeling session on YouTube, and search YouTube for other Solid Edge videos. Users can also access discussions, tutorials and expert advice via a new online Solid Edge Community.

Solid Edge ST6 now includes the ability to capture design steps and directly upload to the user's YouTube account. Audio can also be captured for narration. Embedded in the Solid Edge user interface is a panel that lists popular Solid Edge videos. Click image to enlarge.

Cloud and Mobile Applications
“We want you to be able to use tools on premise in a private cloud or off premise with a third-party cloud provider,” said Bill McClure, vice-president of Mainstream Engineering. The company hasn’t seen a strong pull yet of people wanting to run CAD on the cloud, he said, explaining that for collaborative applications such as PLM, the cloud can be a desirable option, but the desktop remains the preferred platform for CAD for reasons of protecting intellectual property. “I know at Siemens, we wouldn’t want to put our own product design data on the cloud.”

So, Solid Edge is and will remain a desktop product, Newbury chimed in. But, again offering its users options, the company announced it has become the first to partner with the open engineering web site GrabCAD to facilitate real-time model sharing and review on the cloud for those users who want it. Users will be able to upload files directly from Solid Edge ST6 to GrabCAD Workbench, controlling access as they see fit.

Monthly Rental Program

Beginning in August, Siemens PLM will offer monthly rental of Solid Edge in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. Beta testing under way now.

“We want users to have options,” Newbury said. The new rental program should appeal to a variety of them, he said, including

  • users who need the software on a project basis;
  • organizations that experience spikes in business that require adding short-term designers;
  • engineering contractors (individuals or firms);
  • those who want more time to evaluate the software than is afforded by the free 45-day trial version; and
  • start-up companies.

Solid Edge SP

Solid Edge SP is the new generation of the data management and collaboration product previously known as Solid Edge with Insight XT. McClure explained the product as "a manufacturing app for [Microsoft] SharePoint." It is deployed a company’s existing IT infrastructure to simplify the management of Solid Edge CAD files and related design data. The latest version adds the option to display thumbnail images of parts and assemblies in the Relation Browser and provides the ability to access revisions and related documents directly from the preview cards.

Solid Edge SP now includes more visual tools to help engineers manage complex design data better. A graphical view of an assembly, with thumbnails for each component, makes it easy for users to navigate the product structure. A preview card shows an image of the component and its properties, such as part number and description

For more information on Solid Edge ST6, Solid Edge SP, and the Solid Edge Mobile Viewer, see the Solid Edge ST6 portal.

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