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8 Jun, 2005 By: Arnie Williams

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Not So Loud and Clear

CORSA Performance Uses SolidWorks 3D to Help Silence Exhausts

If you've spent time at the lake with boats speeding by you, or on the Interstate with trucks whizzing all around, then you know first-hand that exhaust noise can be irritating and distracting. The staffers at CORSA Performance Exhausts, based in Berea, Ohio, are well acquainted with the problem. In fact, they have a reputation for fixing it.

CORSA Performance has developed a patented technology called Reflective Sound Cancellation, which enhances vehicle performance, reduces back pressure and tunes out the annoying drones and booming noises of high-performance cars, SUVs and boats.

Full Transition to 3D
Long-time users of AutoCAD and PTC Pro/ENGINEER, CORSA Performance Exhaust designers recently standardized on SolidWorks software and moved fully into 3D. Previously CORSA had used Pro/E primarily on automotive products and AutoCAD on its marine exhausts.

"We cater to performance-oriented drivers who by nature are early adopters, so time-to-market is critical to our success," says Gautam Pathak, director of product development and OE sales. "SolidWorks software's ease of use, short learning curve and integrated capability to turn out production drawings can save us as much as a week on every product we launch. With thousands of dollars of revenue at stake every day for every new product, that's significant new revenue every time we launch a new offering."

One of the frustrations CORSA engineers faced in their traditional approach was in creating 2D drawings for manufacturing after completing a 3D design in Pro/ENGINEER. As these same engineers have moved to SolidWorks, the ability to automatically generate 2D drawings from their 3D models has shown them that the old way required twice the work.

Shorter Design Cycles
On the marine side of the business, 3D has given designers the capabilities they've needed to produce more complex products in greater quantities and in shorter cycles. They use SolidWorks' PDMWorks to manage a burgeoning parts library and ensure accurate versioning. They also conduct stress, strain and yield analyses on exhaust joints using COSMOSWorks.

"Exhaust design can make a significant impact on a car's performance and sound, and both play a big role in the overall driving experience," notes Bertrand Sicot, vice-president of SolidWorks North American Sales. "With SolidWorks software, CORSA engineers are more quickly and accurately developing new ways to enhance the driving experience and increase profits in the process."

CORSA's 100% stainless steel cat-back exhausts are specifically tuned to each vehicle to eliminate passenger cabin resonance and to produce just the right sound. The company takes pride in the accuracy of its engineering and has patents on its proprietary technology to prove it.

Corsa Performance Exhausts

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