SOLIDWORKS World 2017, Part 2: What to Expect from SOLIDWORKS 2018

17 Feb, 2017 By: Cyrena Respini-Irwin

In addition to modeling and user interface enhancements, Dassault Systèmes plans to launch applications for CAM, project and process management, and nonlinear simulation this year.

Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018 

Rather than simply listing forthcoming features in a press release, the SOLIDWORKS team takes pride in going the extra mile and producing a skit each year. In SOLIDWORKS Next Top Modeler (a spin on the long-running fashion reality show America’s Next Top Model), “contestants” played by members of the SOLIDWORKS team demonstrated the following updates, which will appear in SOLIDWORKS 2018.

Improve productivity when creating sketch geometry:

  • When working with 3D sketches, users can create symmetry at any time by mirroring sketch entities.

  • Planes can be used as a mirror reference in both 2D and 3D sketches.
  • A new tool captures freehand sketched lines entered on a touchscreen device, and convers them into sketch entities. The result can be manipulated and modified just like any other sketch. “It’s a real time saver compared to sketching out ideas on paper first, and it’s even faster than using a mouse,” commented upper-crust contestant Lord Percy Buckingham-Smythe.

Assembly aids:

  • A new welcome screen includes links to resources including tech support and the MySolidWorks community. Users can quickly begin creating new parts, assemblies, and drawings, from the welcome screen, and can access recent files.
  • A new progress bar visually indicates assembly loading progress.

  • The overhauled performance evaluation tool indicates which components are slowing down performance, and shows their location with color-coded assembly views.
  • The onscreen mouse gestures selection wheel now accommodates as many as 12 choices. The Alt key can hide faces during mate selection, making it easier to select obstructed surfaces.


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