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Bruce Joffe

Bruce Joffe is principal and founder of GIS Consultants, an independent consulting firm that helps organizations implement and use geographic information systems (GIS). Bruce is also the originator of the Open Data Consortium project, which is dedicated to accessible public geodata while supporting database maintenance. He contributes to the resolution of geospatial public policy issues such as data distribution policy, interdepartmental coordination and cooperation, GIS professionals' responsibilities, and building the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. He also provides organizational therapy for dysfunctional enterprises with issues regarding staffing, planning, management, budgeting, and financing. Throughout his 31 years of practice, he has helped many successful projects get started, and some ongoing projects become more productive. Contact him a GIS.Consultants [at]

Does Government GIS Data Belong to the People?   8 Feb, 2012
By: Bruce Joffe

A California court case showcases the importance of public access to tax-funded databases.

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