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Cadalyst - September 2008 On the Cover
Cover concept developed by Cadalyst Art Director Annie Leung.

Genie Out of the Bottle

Court ruling paves the way for users to resell software — or does it?

Cadalyst Labs Hardware & Software Reviews
Big Tools for Big Jobs — Wide-Format Scanners and Printers Make Small Work of Large Projects

Scanning or printing wide-format originals is a necessity for many designers and engineers, and if deadlines are tight, the best option is to have your own in-house equipment. Cadalyst takes a look at some of the latest wide-format scanners, printers, and multifunction devices from Canon USA, Colortrac, Contex Americas, HP, and Océ North America.

AutoCAD 2009 — General-Purpose CAD Software

Autodesk ties a gray ribbon 'round the old AutoCAD.

AecBatchStylesEditor 2009 — CAD Standards Management Software for AEC

Productivity tool helps manage CAD standards in AutoCAD Architecture and MEP.

Expert Advice & Commentary
Synchronize CAD Files over a Wide Area

Hardware and software tools ensure your CAD data stays current and your users stay happy.

Is 2D Drawing Doomed?

If 3D modeling is more accurate, what's the fate of drafting?

More Bang for Your Truck

Manufacturer of vehicle performance adjusters gets a boost from PLM.

Works and Plays Well with Others

Vendors need to reassess how interoperability standards are working in the real world.

VBA Hints for Customizing AutoCAD

Harry shares some Visual Basic favorites as well as this month's top tip for making custom linetype.

AutoCAD Tutorials
Random AutoCAD Tips and Tricks for All

These nuggets of good advice can save time and effort.

The Best Table In The House

Part Two on linking AutoCAD tables to Excel spreadsheets.

Convert Qleaders to Same-Style Mleaders

Q2M routine automatically converts a leader while maintaining the style and text of the original.

Sticky Update Pudding

New and improved AutoCAD 2009, twice! But is it enough? Also, how to shake off some of the stickies and scroll to see your old commands.

Design Viewer and Windows Applications

The word is Word.

From the Trenches

Step-by-step instructions show you how to draw nice-looking bolts and nuts.

AEC Tools
Quick Layers Palette

Turn layers on and off, or lock them on the fly to suit your various needs.

BIM and Green Building Studio

Architects transform their designs from carbon-positive to carbon-neutral.

cad clinic:civil 3d
Description Key Sets and Point Styles, Part 3

Create a point label style using the Label Style Composer dialog box.

Working with VectorWorks

Your constraint tools are there to help, so use them.

Solutions From Synergis

Share 2D and 3D Autodesk Inventor data with AutoCAD users.

Productivity Corner

Bentley's PowerCivil automates subdivisional roadway systems.

3D Modeling
Using Imported Data Sets as the Basis for Complex Features

Use imported data sets as the basis for complex features.

Adding Tolerances to an Autodesk Inventor Model Sketch

The more information that's stored in your model, the more robust the model becomes.

CircuitWorks — Electro Meets Mechanical, Part 1

Software bridges the divide between electrical and mechanical, allowing you to automatically create accurate, fully populated models from ECAD data.

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology, Part 1

New design practice promises the design freedom of explicit modelers with the parametric control of history-based systems.

PLM Strategies

Enterprise searches allow you to go beyond Googling.

Inventor In-Depth

Inventor 2008 introduces new digital prototyping features. Web Exclusives
SIGGRAPH 2008: The Experience

Cadalyst editors were on the scene and reporting remotely on the day-to-day developments at the SIGGRAPH 2008 computer graphics event in Los Angeles last month.

Alibre's Paul Grayson Speaks with Cadalyst

Alibre Software's returning CEO ponders hybrid CAD, SaaS, and more.

CS-Map Enters Public Domain

Autodesk donates conversion technology to OSGeo.

IBM Poised to Advance PLM with Bid for ILOG

Big Blue could strengthen ties between lifecycle management and business process management.

Building a Better World in GeoWeb 2008, Part 1 and Part 2

Web-based GIS moves from descriptive to predictive modeling, and the search for wisdom in digital cityscapes begins.

Pay-as-You-Go Parts Management

A new SaaS is on the horizon for small and midsize manufacturers.

Viewpoint: Chewing the CAD

Like an Animal Farm, today's market puts power in the wrong hands.

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land

The digital world presents challenges for some and opportunities for others, but one thing is certain: We're all in it together.

News Analysis from the World of CAD

Spatial Stays a Step Ahead with ACIS Kernel; Bentley and Autodesk:Off-Again On-Again Rivalry; AutoDesSys Cultivates BonZai 3D; CS-Map Versus PROJ.4; Dreamy Color in a Mobile Workstation.



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