February 2008 Table of Contents

Cadalyst - February 2008 Features
Dividing the Digital Plunder

Depending on your personal opinion about intellectual property, you might be part of the problem, not the solution, to software piracy.

More than Meets the Eye — A Look at Today’s CAD Viewers

To see designs without having to access every originating application, users can use 2D and 3D CAD drawing viewers from developers such as AutoDWG, BlueCielo ECM Solutions, CAD Systems Unlimited, CADSoftTools, Informative Graphics, Oracle, Rasterex Software, Right Hemisphere, and Trix Systems.

IronCAD v10 — 3D Modeling Software

Multikernel modeler uses both Parasolid and ACIS to get the design job done.

AcceliArch with AcceliCAD — Add-In Architectural Drawing and Modeling Software

Software combination yields a low-cost, flexible alternative that can work with or in place of AutoCAD.

Notixia v1.1

This manufacturing process-management software is as much fun to use as it is productive.

An Open Letter to Your Boss

Green directly addresses CAD managers’ bosses to extol the virtues of CAD management services.

Hybrid Learning Methods

Build training options to suit your personal needs.

Low-Cost Rapid Prototyping

With a vast array of available technologies, RP lets designers create affordable physical models.

Goliath Reinvented

The big boys of PLM are being nimbler, gentler, and friendlier in an effort to penetrate the SMB market.

Building with Words

New technologies let you go beyond automated spec writing.

Logging Daily Activities and Other Tips

Harry’s Top Tip of the month helps CAD managers record their daily activities.

Solutions for Sending Large Digital Files

Services provide options for when those big files absolutely have to get there fast.





Online Departments
Dialog Box
Readers have their say.

Industry News
Breaking stories from around the industry.

Product Showcase
Latest hardware and software releases.

Discussion Groups
Talk about CAD-related issues.

Conferences, classes, trade shows and more.

Book Reviews
Latest publications about CAD.

All About Autocad
Hot Tip Harry

By popular request: Harry demonstrates VBA and Visual LISP tricks of the trade.

Circles and Lines

More AutoCAD CUI tips to help you create the perfect toolbars.

Learning Curve

AutoCAD 2008’s annotative objects change everything and do it automatically.

AutoLISP Solutions

AutoCAD routine draws a spline of an epitrochoid for developing machined parts.

Bug Watch

Did Service Pack 1 introduce some problems? Here’s how to fix them.

CAD Clinic: Civil 3D

Use band and code style sets for consistent data displays.

From the Trenches

Discover how to use free GIS data from the Internet to visualize a potential site and its properties.

AEC Tools
1-2-3 Revit

Using BIM for digital fabrication of structural steel.

Avatech Tricks

AutoCAD Electrical’s simple font and style tools revealed.

ArchiCAD Insights

AutoCAD Electrical’s simple font and style tools revealed.

Solutions From Synergis

Sharing project data in Civil 3D.

Building Blitz of Habitat Homes

Advance preparation and BIM software help volunteers provide accurate estimates, minimize waste, and optimize the logistics of a charitable effort for hurricane victims.

3D Model Automation Not Just Blowing in the Wind
Custom SolidWorks add-on improves efficiency for engineering consulting firm that specializes in wind analyses on highrise buildings.

Productivity Corner

Bentley's PowerCivil automates subdivisional roadway systems.

3D Modeling
Solid Thinking

What else is new in SolidWorks 2008? Sometimes it's the little things that really count.

On the Edge

Solid Edge can automatically create table drawings from a family of parts.

Alibre Design Tips

Turn 2D legacy data into 3D models.

PLM Strategies

Enterprise searches allow you to go beyond Googling.

Inventor In-Depth

Inventor 2008 introduces new digital prototyping features.

What is VI Doing for Brown?

The huge expansion of a UPS sorting facility leads to lessons learned about the extensive use of xrefs, file-size management, and large-file plotting.

Cadalyst Web Exclusives
General Lee’s Bird’s Eye View

GIS sheds new light on the Battle of Gettysburg.

Event Report: PTC Gets Explicit at Pro/E Wildfire 4.0 Launch

Company clarifies plans for CoCreate and reveals four new Pro/E modules.

On the Cover:
Cover concept developed by Cadalyst Art Director Annie Leung.