March 2008 Table of Contents

Cadalyst - March 2008 Features
Thicker than Water

A medical-device manufacturer examines the non-Newtonian dynamics of blood flow using CFD.

Safe Keeping — Backup Software Secures Your Designs

Backup applications from Acronis, Genie-soft, NovaStor, Symantec, and UltraBac Software help you protect the time, money, and energy you?ve invested in your designs.

AMD’s ATI FireGL Graphics Cards

Graphics cards designed for workstation-level use keep getting faster. They can do more work — and more complex modeling — in less time.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 — Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Land Development Software

Software requires civil engineers to rethink and reorganize their processes and workflows.

Cadalyst Labs Review: Mathematica 6

Powerful computation software can assist with functions as diverse as GIS graphics and 3D printing.

Cool Software Utilities for Your Job

A host of software programs lets CAD managers tackle any task.

Hybrid Learning Methods

Build training options to suit your personal needs.

History, Nonhistory, or Both?

Modeling choices come in history, nonhistory, and hybrid flavors.

In the Eye of the Storm

Developments in standards, SOA, and middleware meet to advance PLM.

Builders' Information Modeling

Contractors have their own take on BIM; they call it virtual construction.

CAD from the Streets

Harry's Top Tip helps you simplify drawing pipe and columns by automating AutoCAD's Extrusion command.

Solutions for Sending Large Digital Files

Services provide options for when those big files absolutely have to get there fast.





Online Departments
Dialog Box
Readers have their say.

Industry News
Breaking stories from around the industry.

Product Showcase
Latest hardware and software releases.

Discussion Groups
Talk about CAD-related issues.

Conferences, classes, trade shows and more.

Book Reviews
Latest publications about CAD.

All About Autocad
Hot Tip Harry

By popular request: Harry demonstrates VBA and Visual LISP tricks of the trade.

Circles and Lines

Customize AutoCAD by creating your own commands.

AutoLISP Solutions

Convert lines and text to an AutoCAD table object that replaces the original data.

Learning Curve

Self-scaling annotations are changing the way AutoCAD drawings are created.

Bug Watch

Make sure your toolbar bitmaps always look their best.

CAD Clinic: Civil 3D

Design visualization is Civil 3D's greatest untapped strength.

From the Trenches

Step-by-step instructions show you how to draw nice-looking bolts and nuts.

From the Trenches

Step-by-step instructions show you how to draw nice-looking bolts and nuts.

AEC Tools
1-2-3 Revit

The combination of an API with BIM can access building data for specialized applications.

Solutions From Synergis

Discover the power of Vault for sharing data in Civil 3D.

ArchiCAD Insights

ArchiCAD's Reference Levels feature can display elevation values relative to sea level.

Bringing Literacy into Broad Daylight

Energy analysis software helps usher light into the classroom.

Productivity Corner

Bentley's PowerCivil automates subdivisional roadway systems.

3D Modeling
On the Edge

Include PMI dimensions from 3D models on 2D drawings.

Solid Thinking

RealView Graphics supports advanced shading of models in real time.

Avatech Tricks

When the Adaptivity tool is not enough, a derived component may be the solution.

Alibre Design Tips

Create dynamic spline curves by using reference points.

PLM Strategies

Enterprise searches allow you to go beyond Googling.

Inventor In-Depth

Inventor 2008 introduces new digital prototyping features.

Cadalyst Web Exclusives

On the Cover:
Cover concept developed by Cadalyst Art Director Annie Leung.