May 2008 Table of Contents

Cadalyst - May 2008 features
A Solid Job in AutoCAD

An engineer uses AutoCAD to generate 3D models of the U.S. Navy's Hyperbaric Diving Simulation Facility.

Today’s Power — Quad-Core Workstations

For the first time, Cadalyst conducts a comparative review of workstations based exclusively on quad-core processors. Cadalyst Labs looks at systems from @Xi Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Polywell Computers, and Velocity Micro.

Performance — Tomorrow's Possibilities

Hardware-related technology keeps improving, but what will you do with that ever-increasing power?

special section: reverse engineering
Reverse Engineering an Antique Italian Treasure

An architecture student uses reverse engineering to survey an historic synagogue and make an accurate architectural model.

Trends in Reverse Engineering

Greater affordability and ease of use bring more respect to reverse engineering.

NextEngine 3D Scanner — Reverse-Engineering Tool

This 3D scanner is affordable, versatile, and easy to use.

HP Compaq 8710w — Mobile Workstation

This laptop carries good performance, excellent battery life, great design, and lots of configuration and connectivity options.

Setting CAD Standards

Build standards around your company's needs, limitations, and requirements.

Hybrid Learning Methods

Build training options to suit your personal needs.

Fight for Your Hardware Rights

Battle for the hardware you need; the result will show in your designs.

The Jack and Jill of Ergonomics

Ford uses digital avatars to test vehicle and assembly-plant ergonomics.

Technology for Civil Infrastructure

Civil/land design software simplifies and improves the work of civil engineers.

Shortcuts and Solutions

This month's top tip helps users handle their xref block layers.

Solutions for Sending Large Digital Files

Services provide options for when those big files absolutely have to get there fast.





Online Departments
Dialog Box
Readers have their say.

Industry News
Breaking stories from around the industry.

Product Showcase
Latest hardware and software releases.

Discussion Groups
Talk about CAD-related issues.

Conferences, classes, trade shows, and more.

Book Reviews
Latest publications about CAD.

AutoCAD Tutorials
Circles and Lines

Give the new AutoCAD 2009 user interface a chance to make you more productive.

Learning Curve

Get to know your Qleader and your Mleader.

AutoLISP Solutions

Route automatically creates thumbnail previews for old DWG and DXF files.

Bug Watch

Can't snap to some polylines? Here's why — and more.

CAD Clinic: Civil 3D

Use Civil 3D's point label styles to define the properties that show adjacent to a marker.

From the Trenches

Step-by-step instructions show you how to draw nice-looking bolts and nuts.

AEC Tutorials
1-2-3 Revit

Improved searching functionality in Revit finds product content for building designs.

Solutions From Synergis

Share 2D and 3D Autodesk Inventor data with AutoCAD users.

ArchiCAD Insights

Placing standard details into ArchiCAD projects.

Working with VectorWorks

Make your own dimensions to suit your style.

Productivity Corner

Bentley's PowerCivil automates subdivisional roadway systems.

3D Modeling Tutorials
On the Edge

Monitor critical design parameters with Solid Edge Design Sensors.

Solid Thinking

DriveWorksXpress helps SolidWorks 2008 users automate design processes.

Avatech Tricks

New Inventor 2008 tools help you work more effectively with sheet metal.

Alibre Design Tips

High-quality renderings with Alibre PhotoRender bring your designs to life.

PLM Strategies

Enterprise searches allow you to go beyond Googling.

Inventor In-Depth

Inventor 2008 introduces new digital prototyping features.

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On the Cover:
Cover concept developed by Cadalyst Art Director Annie Leung.