November/December 2008 Table of Contents

On the Cover
Cover concept developed by Cadalyst Art Director Annie Leung.

Designed after Our Own Image

Architects design a new type of building based on communal BIM.

A Design with Teeth

With help from AutoCAD, the author built a fully submersible shark.

Cadalyst Labs Hardware & Software Reviews
Budget-Conscious Workstations — 64-Bit CAD Power for Less than $2,500

Cadalyst evaluates six 64-bit systems from @Xi Computer, Lenovo, Polywell Computers, SYS Technology, and Velocity Micro.

Cadalyst All-Star Awards 2008

Cadalyst's editors pick their favorite hardware and software products of the past year.

SolidWorks 2009 — 3D MCAD Software

Latest release corrects ribbon menu blunder and adds SpeedPak to minimize size of shared files.

IES Virtual Environment 5.9 — Building Energy Analysis Software

Software suite virtualizes the process of assessing building design for environmental considerations.

Expert Advice & Commentary
CAD Manager's Survey 2008

This year sees higher salaries but fewer full-time positions and less authority.

Ask for What You Want

If you want your software to do something, ask the developer for it — your wish might be granted.

AEC Software by the Clock

As time progresses, applications emerge, companies merge, and software gets better.

Hot Tips for Cold Days

This month's top tip winner automatically dimensions polylines.
(November 2008)

Happy Holidays and Happy Programming

2008 goes out with a bang-up batch of 23 tips from Harry, including a Top Tip to cross-reference symbols and functions in your LISP code.
(December 2008)

AutoCAD Tutorials
Object Properties at Your Fingertips

Reduce repetition with the Quick Properties tool and Rollover Tooltips feature in AutoCAD 2009.
(November 2008)

Dimension Tips

Two features found in AutoCAD 2008 can tame your misbehaving dimensions.
(December 2008)

Clipping Right Along with Xrefs

We continue the discussion started last month about the power of the mighty xref.
(November 2008)

A Stroll down the XREF Path

The third and final installment in the saga of the xref.
(December 2008)

Full-Fillet Three Lines

This bit of code lets you automatically fillet three lines by simply selecting them in clockwise or counterclockwise order.

Publish Pages Plentifully and Take a Stab at Stopping the Stickies

When is 1 really 2 and 2 really 3? When it's an AutoCAD update number.
(November 2008)

AutoCAD's Longest-Lived Bug?

Partial plots, password-protected pitfalls, problems in paper space, and some sticky civil stuff.
(December 2008)

AEC Tutorials
cad clinic:civil 3d
Grading — Thinking Outside the Box, Part 1

While not as obvious, Civil3D's subassemblies and corridors may offer more powerful ways to create a finished grade surface.
(November 2008)

cad clinic:civil 3d
Point Coordinate Transformations

Use Point File Formats in Civil 3D to import and export points to assigned coordinate systems.
(December 2008)

The Magic of Parameter Transfer

The Eye-dropper and Syringe tools allow favorite settings to be reused for similar parts.
(November 2008)

ArchiCAD Curtain Wall

The Curtain Wall tool enables users to configure, place, and edit elements.
(December 2008)

BIM and Autodesk Ecotect

How BIM and Autodesk Ecotect help architects understand their conceptual building design's performance.

3D Modeling Tutorials
Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology, Part 3

Change your models as fast as you change your mind.
(November 2008)

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology, Part 4

Survive in a multi-CAD world.
(December 2008)

Unsection Parts in 2D Section Views

Create section views and manage them with drawing explorer.

What Else is New in SolidWorks 2009?

A look at some of the lesser publicized additions to the software.

Cadalyst Web Exclusives by Kenneth Wong
HP Launches New Thin-Client Solution Based on Blade
Computer maker turns its attention to MCAD.

SolidWorks Tries Installment Plan
Rent-to-own licensing begins at $199 a month.

A Closer Look at Autodesk's New FDO Providers
One is to remain in Autodesk's custody; another is destined for the open-source community.

Systems Integrators Take the Field at Oracle Open World 2008
'Coopetition' puts emphasis on integrating disparate enterprise systems.

Brushing Up in a Down Economy

Jobless? Or just feeling uncertain? Take advantage of tools and training that can give you an edge.

News Analysis from the World of CAD

IMSI/Design Freeware Targets AutoCAD LT Users; Quiet Eulogy for Mechanical Desktop; Joel Harris Wins Hot Tip Harry Challenge 2008; Student.s Facebook Efforts Earn AU Scholarship; Autodesk Announces 64-Bit Revit; Autodesk Fights SolidWorks over DWG; Dell Debuts Mobile Workstation to Covet; Object 3D Printer Fits on Desktop


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