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Cadalyst - October 2008 On the Cover
The image of the Super Street 38 motorcycle is courtesy of Right Hemisphere. Original CAD design work done by Mark van der Kwaak of The motorcycle design was created using CATIA V5 and rendered using Right Hemisphere's Deep Exploration 5.5 CAD Edition. Right Hemisphere's Lars Olson applied materials and Realight to the CAD data in Deep Exploration prior to the rendering of the image. Art direction by Annie W. Leung.

SimCity for Real

From humble beginnings at The Vermont Country Store, CommunityViz is poised to become the land-use planning software of the future.

Cadalyst Labs Hardware & Software Reviews
Designs Spring to Life — 3D Publishing Tools Make File Sharing as Easy as Opening a Book

3D publishing software from companies such as Adobe Systems, Okino Computer Graphics, QuadriSpace, Right Hemisphere, and SolidWorks extends access to 3D designs created by popular CAD applications.

Xi MTower 2P64X — Dual Quad-Core Workstation

Extended evaluation reveals the benefits of this high-end, highly recommended system.

ArchiCAD 12 — BIM Software

ArchiCAD 12 is a must-have solution that provides offers significant breakthroughs in speed, design flexibility, and documentation.

Dell Precision M6300 — High-End Mobile Workstation

Mobile system packs the computing power of a dual-core desktop workstation.

Expert Advice & Commentary
Budgeting for Success

You might hate budgeting, but it's crucial to making sure you and your users have the tools they need.

Assault with a Deadly CAD File

A few diversionary tactics could help you survive the experience of sharing 3D models.

More Bang for Your Truck

Manufacturer of vehicle performance adjusters gets a boost from PLM.

Golden Rule of BIM

To reduce errors and bad information, building owners turn to BIM.

Tip or Treat?

Harry's top tip for October is an expert system for annotating profile data.

AutoCAD Tutorials
Random AutoCAD Tips and Tricks for All, Part II

Good advice to make you more productive.

X Marks the Ref

Behold the power and capabilities of externally referenced files in AutoCAD.

How AutoCAD Can Mess You Up Behind Your Back

Interoperability issues within a single DWG format and AutoCAD's foot fetish cause problems.

Convert Qleaders to Same-Style Mleaders

Q2M routine automatically converts a leader while maintaining the style and text of the original.

Design Viewer and Windows Applications

The word is Word.

From the Trenches

Step-by-step instructions show you how to draw nice-looking bolts and nuts.

AEC Tools
cad clinic:civil 3d
Description Key Sets and Point Styles

Point label styles display user selected object properties and define how the label behaves and what the label displays.

Print Versus Plot

The method you should choose depends on your task.

BIM and Green Building Studio

Architects transform their designs from carbon-positive to carbon-neutral.

Working with VectorWorks

Your constraint tools are there to help, so use them.

Productivity Corner

Bentley's PowerCivil automates subdivisional roadway systems.

3D Modeling
Creating Flat Pattern Drawings of Sheet Metal Parts

Use the Sheet Metal Workspace to create intelligent sheet metal parts and detailed drawings.

CircuitWorks — Electro Meets Mechanical, Part 2

The Component Library automatically stores information about SolidWorks models for later use.

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology, Part 2

Capture ideas as fast as you can imagine them.

Autodesk Inventor 2009 Frame Generator

Populate your parts and material lists to combine like frame members and total lengths.

Adding Tolerances to an Autodesk Inventor Model Sketch

The more information that's stored in your model, the more robust the model becomes.

PLM Strategies

Enterprise searches allow you to go beyond Googling.

Inventor In-Depth

Inventor 2008 introduces new digital prototyping features. Web Exclusives
Parasolid Pumps Up Vectorworks '09

Modeling kernel speeds up the design software and provides more flexibility.

PTC Leaves 'For Sale' Rumor Unanswered

Stock climbs following a speculative report in Financial Times.

CIMdata Releases New PLM Market Report

Market watcher sees growth in markets traditionally not associated with PLM.

Lattice Pushes XVL for Design Validation and CAD Data Distribution

Company advocates the use of its lightweight format for process simulation.

Autodesk Introduces Flexible Software Delivery

The pick-and-choose installation option may alleviate some headaches associated with annual release cycles.

Autodesk Launches Rebate Program

The company's Efficiency Stimulus Program targets small businesses.

Responsibility: It's Not a Four-Letter Word

In your role as a CAD user or as a human being, step up to the plate and make the world a better place.

News Analysis from the World of CAD

PTC Dodges 'For Sale' Rumors; Struc-Soft Struck by Bentley; New Cadalyst Blog: 'Kenneth Wong on CAD;' Cadalyst Updates Benchmark Test; GPU Battles CPU for Computing Hearts; IntelliCAD Users Unite in New Forum; Fashionable New Wrinkle in CAD/CAM



Online Departments
Cadalyst readers have their say.
Bentley's Commitment to Open Access to GIS Data, Link to Nowhere, Kudos to Robert Green, Reports of 2D Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

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