Cadalyst Magazine: Spring 2010

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Longitude Media, the new publisher of Cadalyst, is proud to announce the return of Cadalyst magazine. The great content you expect from Cadalyst is available again in the print format you enjoy.

Longitude Media has developed a new approach that supports the delivery of a print publication for those readers who value this medium. Why bring back a print publication today? Learn more about Cadalyst’s print-on-demand strategy from CEO and publisher Seth Nichols.

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View the Cadalyst Spring 2010 table of contents (PDF). Highlights include:


Tech Trends: In the Eye of a BIMStorm
Industry professionals are eager to support recovery efforts in Haiti, and Onuma’s online collaboration platform is helping them do just that.  by Kenneth Wong

Cadalyst Labs Report: 100 Fabulous Freebies for the CAD User
What’s better than a fantastic tool that streamlines your CAD workflow? Finding that tool for free! By Nancy Johnson and Cyrena Respini-Irwin

Product Reviews

Cadalyst Labs Review: ARES Commander Edition
It lacks a few signifi cant AutoCAD features, but valuepriced ARES could complement or replace your current 2D/3D CAD software — even if you’re a Mac user.  by R.K. McSwain

First Look: AutoCAD 2011
Whether you’re working in 2D or 3D, the latest version of Autodesk’s fl agship CAD software promises enhanced productivity and better control.  by Robert Green

First Look: HP Z200 Workstation
This multicore workhorse offers plenty of power, a compact form factor, and a price more akin to a standard desktop PC than a CAD-capable workstation.  by Ron LaFon

First Look: Dell Precision M6500 Mobile Workstation
There’s no need to choose between performance and mobility. With this heavy hitter, you can take the power of a desktop system on the road.  by Ron LaFon


CAD Manager: Maximum Training for Minimum Money
Don’t let a slashed budget derail your training plans. Find free (and almost free) ways to support self-learning, and help your users help themselves.  by Robert Green

Circles & Lines: Step Up the Power of Parametrics
Too busy — or too lazy — to add geometric constraints individually? The new AutoConstrain feature is for you!  by Lynn Allen

User Profile: 3D Perfected
More than just a SolidWorks rockstar, Rodney Hall is a tireless 3D CAD evangelist who shares his passion as a CAD manager, instructor, and user group leader.  by Nancy Johnson 

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CAD Central (News & Analysis)
CAD Cartoon
And Seven Swell Tips from Hot Tip Harry!

View the Cadalyst Spring 2010 table of contents (PDF).

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