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18 Jul, 2013 By: Cadalyst Staff

Mouse Alternative Promises a More Comfortable Click

Contour Design launches RollerMouse Re:d, an ergonomic input device that's gentle on the joints and precise enough for CAD use.

By Cadalyst Staff

What's black and white and "Re:d" all over? It's the latest version of the RollerMouse from Contour Design, a developer of ergonomic computer input devices. Optimized for CAD use, the new RollerMouse Re:d delivers precise cursor control that increases user productivity while decreasing stress on the neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists, the company reports.

Contour Design's new RollerMouse Re:d incorporates tracking technology and dual laser sensors that allow for very precise cursor control without the joint strain associated with traditional mouse use.
Contour Design's new RollerMouse Re:d incorporates tracking technology and dual laser sensors that allow for very precise cursor control without the joint strain associated with traditional mouse use.

RollerMouse Re:d is the latest in a line of products designed to eliminate the reaching and gripping common to traditional mouse use, which can lead to repetitive-stress injuries. It sports a new housing of seamless aluminum that provides durability as well as a sleek appearance. Its roller bar is textured and thicker than previous designs, offers a low-friction glide, and incorporates new 7SENSES tracking technology for cursor precision and control that surpasses that of all competing products, according to the company.

"With the new tracking technology, Contour Design has redefined precision, so it's not really relevant to discuss DPI anymore," says CEO Steven Wang. "Dual laser sensors track the motion inside the roller bar and give you the most accurate pointing device you can get." Located inside the bar, the sensors are protected from dust and dirt. 7SENSES constantly adjusts speed and acceleration to ensure the rollerbar is as central as possible, while intuitively adapting to the user's pace to decrease micromovements and increase efficiency.

It's that improved precision that makes Re:d the first RollerMouse suited to CAD work, and the larger surface gives users more control when pointing, rolling, or clicking. Re:d also offers new features that minimize the transition time from standard mousing to "RollerMousing," the company states. Users also can adjust click force and click volume to suit their preferences. Read more »


Bentley Systems Consolidates Utility Design and Management in New Application

With Bentley Utilities Designer, customers can access network design, cost estimation, and GIS capabilities in one software solution.

By Cyrena Respini-Irwin

At the end of June, Bentley Systems released Bentley Utilities Designer, a multifaceted application for electric, gas, water, and wastewater utility networks. Combining intelligent CAD-based design, geographic information system (GIS), and cost estimation tools in one package, the new release is designed to simplify software portfolios and streamline workflows. "It provides comprehensive network design and management for utility owner–operators," said Victor Alvarez, Bentley's senior product marketing manager.

Expanding on a Familiar Foundation

The developers of Bentley Utilities Designer sought to improve workflows by consolidating existing tools, including MicroStation (an information modeling environment for infrastructure projects) and Bentley Map (a 3D GIS). "[They] looked at previous utility design offerings, rolled [multiple] products into one application, and extended the capabilities further," said Alvarez. The new product is not a replacement for MicroStation, he noted, but rather a utility-specific design product that packages intelligent CAD-based design and GIS into a single application, with a single license.

In addition, this release includes wastewater network design capabilities for the first time. Previously, the Bentley Systems portfolio offered wastewater network analysis, but the ability to design the layout and connections for all components of the network is new, said Alvarez. Read more »

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Cyrena Respini-Irwin is Cadalyst's senior editor.

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