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11 Feb, 2010 By: Robert Green

Make Your CAD Resolutions Stick, Part 2

You resolved to be proactive about BIM in the coming months; now it's time to start doing your homework.

In the previous two editions of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I made some predictions about things to come, and shared a few resolutions to help CAD managers navigate the New Year. In this installment, I'll share some strategies for executing your BIM-related resolutions. Here goes.

Basic BIM Resolutions
Resolve: To learn everything you can about BIM, and plan for how you'll implement it in your company when the time comes.

Resolve: To stay in touch with the firms you work for and with, ensuring that you know what their BIM plans are so you're never surprised.

Change Is Imminent
I've become convinced that unless you work in a discrete manufacturing environment, you'll be confronting BIM sooner or later. My reasons for drawing this conclusion are as follows:

  • Architects, structural engineers, and building system contractors working on large projects for government agencies will be compelled to use BIM as government entities specify BIM data formats in project contracts.


  • More architects and design/build firms are starting to use BIM in their marketing departments to appear more "technically progressive" to clients.


  • More analysis tools for applications like energy consumption, passive solar impact, and landscape modeling are being targeted for BIM environments.


  • Even if you don't perform any of the above roles, you may be a subcontractor or supplier to somebody who does. (For example, while you may use a custom duct-bending system to fabricate air-handling equipment, you'll probably have to provide BIM-ready 3D envelopes to the HVAC engineer.)

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:: CAD Manager's Toolbox: Free Malware Removal Tools

It doesn't have to be difficult — or expensive — to eliminate nasty invaders from your users' machines.

Allow me to start out with a brief rant: If I have to fix one more computer because somebody ran a Facebook application or downloaded a screen saver that gave their machine a virus, I'm going to scream!

Lately I've seen a rash of malware (malicious software) attacks being triggered from social networking sites like Facebook that get past traditional virus checkers like Norton and McAfee. And once these malicious bits of code make their way onto a machine, they act like worms by offloading valuable information (like passwords, accounting data, and so on) while making themselves very tough to remove. I know that many CAD managers function as full or part-time IT staffers and have to fix these types of problems, so I wanted to pass along some information on useful free utilities that can help.

If one of your users falls victim to one of these pesky pieces of code, here's what you can do to get it purged out:

Step 1: Stop the malicious code from running by using a program called RKILL (you can download it from my web site at Read more »

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:: Resources

Videos Available from 5th gvSIG Conference
Videos of report sessions and workshops from the 5th gvSIG Conference, held the first week of December 2009, are now available to watch online or download. Topics include gvSIG vectorial new features, NavTable, and gvSIG Mobile and gvSIG Mini.

ITI TranscenData Updates Web Site to Provide More Resources
ITI TranscenData, a provider of CAD data exchange and PLM integration solutions, has launched a new web site that offers company events and news including product updates and industry-related trends in interoperability. Visitors can learn more about 3D model–based design initiatives, CAD data exchange, automation, and CAD data reuse for CAE/CAD translation.

:: Events

AUGI CAD Camp San Francisco
February 11, 2010
San Francisco, California
During this single-day, off-site Autodesk product training class, attendees can hone their skills, share solutions, and boost productivity. Read more »

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program
March 8–12, 2010
Andover, Massachusetts
This assessment-based program includes an intimate classroom experience, individual and team-based exercises, and individual evaluations of achievement. Read more »

May 18–20, 2010
Anaheim, California
Attendees at the RAPID/3D IMAGING conference, a Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) event, will be able to evaluate materials and machinery, compare processes, and talk to industry experts. Read more »

For a complete list of CAD meetings, conferences, training sessions, and more, check out our calendar of events on Are you hosting an event that you would like to include in our calendar? Submit details at least two weeks in advance to

:: What's New at

Tell Cadalyst About Your Favorite Freebie and You Could Win!
Cadalyst is compiling a feature article for Cadalyst magazine and about the best free software tools for CAD-related work. Do you have a free (or almost free) tool that you can't live without during the course of your work day? Send your favorites to Cadalyst! Tell us the name of the tool, where to download it, how you use it, and why you love it. If we publish your suggestion (and if you're the first to suggest it), we'll send you a Cadalyst T-shirt.

Alibre Announces Permanent Price Cut to $97
Following a promotion that attracted 10,000 new users last fall, Alibre Design Standard 3D CAD software is now available permanently for one-tenth its original price. Read more »

Parametrics 101: Don't Be Afraid!
Learning Curve tutorial: Parametrics in AutoCAD 2010 affect how we create and edit drawings. Read more »

Parametrics 102: Sizing Things Up
Learning Curve tutorial: With the magic of parametrics in AutoCAD 2010, you can start with a rough sketch of a basic concept and then refine and revise the dimensions as the design proceeds. Read more »

Parametric CAD Perfects Custom Motorcycle Parts
Truly Blessed Customs relies on Alibre Design to turn sketchy ideas into elaborate bike components. Read more »

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