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13 Nov, 2013 By: Robert Green

Specifying CAD Workstations, Demystified

Unsure about whether to direct your dollars toward a faster processor or more RAM? Here's one expert's opinion on what to choose for your CAD users.

In the previous edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I made the argument that new workstations are actually a bargain, considering what they can do for your users. I also implored you to become more involved in specifying the workstations your company buys.

Now, I'll share some information that should take the guesswork out of specifying your CAD workstations and help you get the hardware you need to run CAD effectively. Here goes.

Wes Shimanek

An Expert Perspective

I asked Intel Workstation Segment Manager Wes Shimanek to help CAD managers understand how to best configure workstations for their CAD users. Keeping in mind that there are many perspectives on this topic, I think you'll find this information to be very helpful as you undertake future workstation upgrades.

One question I hear a lot has to do with the difference between Intel Core i5/i7 and Intel Xeon processors. Could you give us an idea of when each processor might be appropriate?
Great question; I get that one a lot too. Here is something I want your readers to consider: Professionals do not use personal computers to do design, they use workstations built for professionals. Workstations go through more testing and offer more features that can make a big difference in the speed and outcome of their project.

All of our processors are based on similar microarchitectures. What makes them different is what you surround them with. As an example, our entry-level Intel Xeon processor E3-1200v3 product family is surrounded with more advanced reliability and stability features. That means they are dependable; they will do what you ask them to do and they will probably have less demand for extended support services. Some of these processors also have access to our Intel HD Graphics P4600. Our HD graphics technology for professionals has come a long way in three years [and] now rivals many entry-level $150 discrete add-in cards for certain applications.

More advanced users doing photorealistic imaging and simulation or robust design activities will benefit from our Intel Xeon processor E5-2600v2 product family. These processors will present professionals with a more robust input/output [I/O] system, twice the memory bandwidth, larger caches, and a few more things, but I think you get the picture: These processors are built for demanding users who want to do a lot of work and iterate through more ideas than their peers who are using lesser devices. Read more »

:: CAD Manager's Toolbox

Compare Processor Options

If you're like me, you can never keep track of all the frequency, core, and other processing options that are available when specifying CAD workstations. Sure, you can look at workstation web sites, but it never seems that all the options (such as cache size) are listed in an easy-to-compare format.

In contrast to that experience, I've found a cool tool on the Intel web site that allows for easy comparison shopping of all the company's processor families. It's so easy to navigate that I wish I'd discovered it sooner. Read more »

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