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12 Feb, 2014 By: Robert Green

To Manage CAD, Understand Project Deadlines

Align your CAD management tasks to support project deadlines for less stress and smoother project completions.

When I speak with groups of CAD managers I always hear about deadline pressure, and the tone of the conversation is usually one of high frustration. I hear comments such as, "I've got too many things to do" and "Don't they understand how much I'm working?" over and over during these venting sessions. As frustrating as it may be to deal with deadlines, the fact of the matter is that without deadlines, projects would never be completed — and none of us would get a paycheck!

In this edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, we'll start a discussion about how to manage deadlines more effectively, and even how to use them to help gain control of your workload. Interested? Here goes.

First, Know the End State

Whether you're attempting to control a project, or just the CAD tasks associated with that project, you must first understand the desired result. In a CAD/building information modeling (BIM) world, the end state of a project might look something like this:

Deadline: June 16, 2014
Work product: Final construction documents delivered to Warsaw Unified School District for Neil Armstrong Elementary School.

At this point you have a date and a rough task description, but you must flesh out the details of the end deliverables. There will be data to gather, and you'll need a strategy for getting the CAD/BIM work done to support the end state. So, where do you go to get all this information, and how will you know what technical issues to plan for?

Know Your Inputs

Project managers and key power users within project work teams usually know all the dates and technical issues that you need to be aware of. However, they're busy people, and you can't count on them to automatically tell you everything; you'll have to draw the information out of them. Here are the types of questions to ask in order to zero in on key pieces of information:

  • Will you need help with key tasks such as creating project standards, training for project users, plotting, etc?
  • Will you need any new hardware, software, or configurations to meet the technical requirements of the project?
  • Are there any partial deadlines that must be met as the project progresses?
  • Will there be any data translations required at project turnover?

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Find CAD Training Resources on YouTube

Have you searched YouTube for CAD training tools lately? If you haven't, you should! You'll be amazed at what you find.

Of course you can always search Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or another search engine for CAD training resources, but then you'll have to wade through a bunch of web sites to find examples of video-based training resources. I've found that by going directly to YouTube and inputting the name of the software application in question plus the word "training," you'll zero in on training content providers, vendors, and even amateur training resources you can use to construct a CAD training strategy. Read more »

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