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26 Mar, 2014 By: Robert Green

Advocate for Internet Access for CAD Tools

Are you battling with your IT department over a necessary resource? As CAD software becomes increasingly Internet-enabled, these conflicts are intensifying — so start talking.

I recently received a letter from a CAD/building information modeling (BIM) manager who is having serious problems performing his job because of the actions of his company's IT department. I know that IT issues are a day-to-day frustration for many CAD managers, but this particular letter made me realize that the growing impact of IT on CAD poses an imminent threat — one we all must address.

In this edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I'll explore this issue and give you some talking points to start a conversation with your IT leadership so you can be ready for these problems, rather than be victimized by them. Here goes.

CAD Is No Longer an Island

Like it or not, our CAD users are becoming more and more dependent on tools that reside outside our company's internal network. The types of systems we use may vary, but they typically include the following:

  • FTP access sites for file uploading and downloading.
  • Remote access of workstations for technical support.
  • Remote log-on sessions to run compute-intensive tasks, such as rendering or analysis, on powerful remote workstations.
  • Enterprise data management (EDM) and product data management (PDM) systems for CAD/BIM models and files.
  • Cloud-based services on vendor-supplied servers.

Whether you use one, several, or all of these Internet-based resources in your day-to-day CAD system, the fact remains that using CAD is no longer something that you alone can control. And when you must reach out over the Internet to complete your CAD tasks, IT becomes a crucial part of your workflow. Read more »

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Conduct Usability Studies for CAD/BIM Systems

I recently participated in a usability study for a web site and was struck by the idea of using a similar technique for evaluating CAD/BIM processes. I will be formalizing my thoughts on this process later, but for now I'll share the steps involved in collecting usability data and explain how to act on the feedback you receive.

Step 1: Configure the software on a test machine and set up your test user.

Step 2: Explain the task the user will be attempting to complete (drawing a detail, creating layers, modeling a stairwell, etc.) so he or she has a good feel for the task.

Step 3: Turn on a screen/voice recording tool such as Camtasia so you'll have a record of the user's comments and actions within the software.

Step 4: Walk the user through the task, and prompt them to comment aloud about the experience — particularly when they feel confused or lost. The goal here is to capture the user's thoughts and reactions about their learning experience so you'll be able to review the process later. Read more »

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Updated Vectorworks Guide Published
Nemetschek Vectorworks has published a new training guide for users of Vectorworks software. Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual, Sixth Edition ($75), written by trainer Jonathan Pickup, discusses the Vectorworks interface; tools and commands; 3D modeling; organizing information; and using worksheets.

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