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15 Apr, 2015 By: Robert Green

Despite Marketing Hype, CAD Users Adopt New Technologies Cautiously


Find out which technologies are being adopted at a faster rate.

I often participate in conversations with other CAD managers about the adoption of new technology. One of the topics that often comes up is exactly how far along everyone is with implementing new tools such as cloud-based CAD, building information modeling (BIM), pay-for-service software, etc. After all, we all read about these trendy technologies, so we logically wonder how widely adopted they are.

The interesting thing about these conversations is that they invariably lead us all to agree that the euphoric hype we read about doesn't match the reality we see in our offices. We are often left scratching our heads, wondering why the companies we work with seem so far behind the market buzz. Is it just that our companies that are slow to adopt new technology, or is the phenomenon more widespread?

Market Data

In the past two weeks, two very interesting pieces of industry news came out that validate the theory that technology adoption occurs much more slowly than PR agencies and software companies would have us believe.

The first is the Business Advantage Group's 2015 Worldwide CAD Trends Survey report (see also Business Advantage CAD Trends Survey Results). CAD professionals can download a freely accessible, high-level report of the results using this link.

The survey evaluated professionals' awareness and use of various technologies including 3D modeling, BIM, and 3D printing. Image courtesy of the Business Advantage Group.

According to the company, the survey was completed by 635 professionals from around the world in various disciplines during late 2014. It covers 15 technology categories, including 3D modeling, BIM, cloud-based CAD, simulation, 3D printing, open-source CAD, and augmented/virtual reality computing. The topics are ranked by awareness, importance, and current and intended adoption to reveal their trends and growth potential, including comparison to the prior year's survey results.

As most of my CAD manager acquaintances and I have discussed, the types of technologies we see being adopted (as seen in the first column of the table below) are shown to have above-average adoption rates in the CAD Trends 2015 survey. But the really interesting things to note are the highly hyped technologies that aren't enjoying widespread adoption, as seen in the right-hand column below. Read more »

:: CAD Manager's Toolbox

Business Advantage CAD Trends Survey Results

Since CAD managers are responsible for reporting technology trends to their senior management teams, it always pays to have good statistical information on hand with which to do so. One such source is the Business Advantage Group's 2015 Worldwide CAD Trends Survey.

In this report a wide range of technology trends that affect CAD users (such as building information modeling (BIM), product lifecycle management (PLM), 3D printing, and cloud-based computing) are ranked in terms of market awareness and actual adoption. In essence, this report shows the disparity between marketing hype — which often inflates or exaggerates rates of adoption — and reality. Read more »

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