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22 Jul, 2015 By: Robert Green

The Rising Resistance to Cloud-Based CAD

It's in software vendors' best interest to retain control of their customers' CAD software and data — but what about the users that rely on that software?

CAD managers are frequently forced to cope with technological change, because it impacts the CAD tools we support. And for the past few years, cloud-based CAD has been pitched as change that will revolutionize CAD workflows, so CAD managers clearly have reason to be concerned about how this technology will alter the CAD ecosystem. However, in the past year I've noticed a trend among my clients — increasingly, they're perceiving cloud-based CAD not as the answer to their workplace challenges, but as a source of problems.

In this edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I'll start my discussion of why resistance to cloud-based CAD technology is growing, and explore some key business trends that are limiting cloud adoption. Here goes.

The Push for Centralization of CAD

Think about the following highly touted technology trends for a moment:

  • CAD software rental (the software is on your machine but the license is turned on/off via the cloud)
  • Hosted applications (the software is not installed on your machine; it is located at the software vendor's data center instead)
  • Design data stored in cloud data repositories.

Can you spot the common thread in these trends? It can be summarized in one word: centralization.

In this new world of CAD proposed by vendors, less and less software and data will be under your control, and the software and data storage companies will become more and more powerful. The idea is that your software won't be yours anymore, and your data won't even reside on your company server.

Who Benefits from This Change?

This centralized model of CAD use obviously benefits the software and cloud vendors greatly (because it allows them to charge for their software and servers on an ongoing basis), but it also gives them ultimate control over your CAD system — they can disconnect you from your applications and data unless you keep paying them.

On the customer side, however, the CAD managers, users, and company executives I talk with are growing ever more skeptical of this centralized CAD concept, and market data shows that movement toward cloud storage and software rental is proceeding much, much more slowly than analysts had predicted (for examples, see "Despite Marketing Hype, CAD Users Adopt New Technologies Cautiously"). Furthermore, recent moves by software companies (such as Microsoft, Intuit, and Autodesk, to name a few) to phase out perpetual licenses (those that continue to run on the installed machine indefinitely) in favor of annual subscription rental models show they are trying to force the issue. Read more »

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